Myths about Self Affirmations

Self affirmations are simple, positive, strong statements and one of the most effective ways that can help you to motivate yourself. Regular practice of these affirmations can help in changing the thought process and lives. It can help you to change your pessimistic aspects into optimistic ones. Further, it leads to improvement in self-esteem, relationships, work capacity and turn you into a success.

However with growing popularity of using affirmations, there has been a rise in the number of myths that have got associated with the affirmations. It has clouded the thinking process and made people more disbelieving and irritated. Here we try to discuss some of such myths.

Myth 1 – Affirmations have no effect: This is the strongest lie that anyone can tell you. It has been scientifically recorded that affirmations have a strong impact on the brain and tends to alter the psychology of the person. It helps them see the positive aspects of their lives in a better light.

Myth 2 – Negative words are not accepted: While it is true that affirmations should be written with positive words, the reason behind is not that negative words are not accepted by society at large. The simple reason behind it is that if you write self affirmations in positive words, it will help you to stick with it and work on it. A negative word often gives you a sense of denial, whereas positive words give you the motivation and encouragement. Suppose, if you are in a weight loss program, then a statement such as “I will not eat junk food” can give you a feeling of being restricted, but a statement such as “I will eat more veggies” can help you stay motivated and focused.

Myth 3 – Affirmations do not need actions: It is simply not true. An affirmation is just a statement that can help you stay focused. It can help you imagine the situation and strongly believing in it can actually help you realize it, but it cannot work on its own. You will have to work on them. For example, you tell yourself everyday that you are going to go for a walk and even imagine yourself losing weight by walking. But you do not turn your words into action. Then simple reading aloud your affirmations and not going for a walk will not help you to lose weight ever.

Myth 4 – Affirmations are tricks: Self affirmations are never written to trick ego. They are personal statements that come from the bottom of your heart. Those are logical and rational statements that can help you achieve your wants. Before you write these statements, you will have to know what your goals are and accordingly you write these statements. It will help you to over root your hindrances and stay focused. What matters is the honesty with which you make the personal statements and the faith you have in yourself. Nothing will actually work if you do not believe in yourself.

While there are numerous myths that develop every day, every myth has an evident fact to contradict it. It is you who has to make a choice – a fact or a myth!