Mental Talk – A Great Self Development Tool

Self Affirmations are a very good way to deal with the body and the mind. We all know that peace of one’s mind determines the peace of one’s body; the daily functional activities of an individual’s body are governed by the state of mind the person has. If people are disturbed from within, they tend to be pessimistic, whereas on the other hand, if they are peaceful from within, it will be very evidently reflected by their positive gestures, their vibrant facial expressions and in their optimistic attitudes. Mental healers believe that people can be happy or at the same time depressed based on their own thought processes and the way they think. We see that psychology plays a vital role in governing the general behavior of a person.

Self Affirmation is achieved by something called “Self-talk”. Self-talk is the method by which people talk to themselves and keep constantly reassuring themselves in order to boost up their self-confidence. The Self-talk should definitely be positive in nature so that no element of negativity is allowed to rise to the surface. The process of self-talk requires people to repeat affirmations with a lot of intensity so that they can get imbibed in their subconscious self. Thus, the general thought process of people change and they start to be more optimistic.

Studies have shown that Self Affirmations are useful in many different fields of interest. For example, it can very well be used by doctors to treat patients. All the time, for trivial reasons, popping a pill is not the right solution as an excessive intake tends to force the brain to malfunction. This is why doctors sometime have to fall back on the basics of Psychology in order to treat diseases. Patients are asked to relax themselves and think of happy things. Then they are asked to imagine a situation where they did not have the disease in the first place. This makes them think of happy images and once they do that, the recurring thought of the disease they are suffering from stops haunting them and they can be at peace. Nowadays, tapes and books are also found which can guide the patient. By following simple instructions, they can relax themselves and get healed themselves, without even having to go to a doctor! Such, are the powers of Self Affirmations.

Another interesting field where Self Affirmations have been proved to be a great help is teaching. The job of a teacher is certainly not an easy one. Teachers have to deal with a lot of students of different calibers. Thus, it is quite difficult for teachers to always stay positive and hence this has an effect on their teaching as well. Studies have shown that if teachers start visualizing about their students studying properly, working together happily and co-operating among themselves, they tend to teach better which helps their students in the long run. This enables teachers to answer more questions and show more care and concern for their students.

Thus, mental talk is certainly one of the very important self-development tools.