Reprogramming of Your Mind through Positive Self-Affirmations

Over the last few years self affirmations have proved to be the most efficient tool for self-development. A person having positive self-affirmations is bound to succeed in life. These positive affirmations are used to get rid of the negative ones so that the subconscious self gets registered with the new ones. By repeating the same thing over and over again, people become more self-confident and they start to have a belief in what they do. Nothing can then threaten their self-esteem as their mindset becomes very positive – they do not let any element of negativity seep through.

What is reprogramming? Reprogramming in computer related terms means programming some function once again. This is done whenever some bad sector is encountered and this is replaced by a fresh new one. A similar concept applies to human psychology as well. Whenever the human brain is infiltrated with many negative thoughts, the brain ceases to function properly. To remove these thoughts permanently, new, fresh and positive thoughts should be used. Thus, this is how reprogramming of the human brain take place.

How will this reprogramming be done? That is simple. The reprogramming of the human brain takes place by the use of Self Affirmations. People should make a list of the things they would want to constantly remind themselves of. It should be written in the present tense so that the writing has a sense of urgency in it. The goal to be achieved should not be vague. It should be short and simple, but at the same time it should have some substance. Recitation of these affirmations should be like reciting your morning prayers. You should not forget to recite them at any cost, and after a point of time, you can recite it so well that it gets permanently engraved in your subconscious self. Reprogramming was done in the first case to get rid of the bad sectors in your memory. As days pass, and you get very well accustomed to Self Affirmations, the question of a bad sector being created will not arise! Another advantage which is associated with reprogramming your memory is that, you will not get affected by some disturbing incident you have experienced in the past, which has always stood in the way to hamper your success.

Self Affirmations should be done without taking any extra pressure. It should be considered as something fun and you should enjoy yourself while you are at it. Taking undue pressure will make it seem more like an exercise – an activity that you ‘have’ to do, and not something that you ‘want’ to do. Another thing – it is not enough to use big words and phrases. While making these affirmations, I feel that you must exercise all five senses. By doing this, you can add emotion to your affirmations as well. You must ‘see’ what goal lies in front of you, you must ‘hear’ what you say to yourself and you must ‘feel’ what you are doing. By doing this you will be able to ‘smell’ success and finally, ‘taste’ the sweet fruit it will bear!