Self Hypnosis – A Great Self Development Tool

We all know what Hypnosis is. Hypnosis is used to make people do things which they are not aware of in their conscious self. They act differently in their subconscious self and later do no realize what they had done in the period they had been hypnotized. Self hypnosis or Hypnotherapy is nowadays used to enhance the concept of Self Affirmations. Self Affirmations are used to inculcate optimism in people and help them get rid of all those negative elements which are affecting their lives on a daily basis.

People always want to set a target and try and achieve that in the stipulated time. They try to make new resolutions and turn over a green leaf every New Year. Some common resolutions include quitting smoking, drinking and other harmful activities. Having been addictions, it is truly very difficult to get rid of these habits. I myself haven’t yet been able to give up smoking in spite of making resolutions every other month! But studies have shown that it is not as hard as people consider it to be. The basis of this remedy is a positive Self Affirmation. People should write out a script which they should recite every now and then, just to let the subconscious mind know about what they intend to do. “I” is the most important letter that should be used while using Self Affirmations. Stressing on “I” helps people focus their entire concentration on themselves. This is precisely how the concept of Self Hypnosis works. It requires people to first fix a goal which they have to follow at any cost. Then, they need to fix a particular time by which they intend to achieve that goal. Next, they need to choose the method of hypnotherapy they want to use, i.e. if they want to write out a script and read it, record their voice in a tape and listen to it or purchase a readymade tape which is available in the market. Religiously followed, this tool of Self Affirmation has proved to be one of the more successful ones.

I had recently seen a TV show named “Friends” where this person named Chandler was asked to give up smoking which he thought was impossible. But, his friend helped him out with a tape and actually, he did give it up eventually. Citing another example, my grandfather, a chain smoker gave up smoking after his health condition started to deteriorate. I had asked him as to how he succeeded and he just told me, “I just kept telling myself, when there is a will, there has to be a way!” Self hypnosis plays with one’s subconscious self. It is all about reminding one of what one wants to do and help the person build up his self confidence. Self confidence is something that can indeed work wonders. A person who is self confident will always succeed more in life than someone who is not. Self Hypnosis is definitely a very important self development tool. I myself want to use it to get rid of my smoking habit. I’m sure I will succeed!