Top 3 examples of self affirmations

Self Affirmation is a powerful tool which can be used to look at life from a positive viewpoint. They are very powerful and meaningful statements which are made by us for the betterment of our own self. There might have been certain rules and norms which we have followed since childhood but it may so happen that these rules are becoming a hindrance to our growth now. Being properly motivated can bring about a complete change in our attitude – from the under-confident person, we can start beaming with self-confidence and self-belief. I have read quite a few books regarding Self-Development and have come across many inspirational quotes. According to me, the best 3 examples of Self Affirmations are –

  1. “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently!” – You will be a winner only when you can believe that you can be one. We see people succeeding and start wondering as to how they achieved it. Did they do something different? Inspecting deeply into the matter, we see that it was not what they did, but how they did it which made the big difference. Thus reminding yourself of the fact that even you can be a winner, and the fact that it is nothing difficult, enhances your motivation and craving to be one as well. This is the best Self Affirmation I have come across.
  2. “The past is a cancelled check, the present is a valid one and the future will be a blank one” – Some people have a tendency to get depressed by what has happened in the past to such an extent that they ignore the present and hence, sabotage their future. The objective of this Self Affirmation is to find out a way to make progress in life. If you start getting affected by the past very easily, you will not be able to get anywhere. The present is a time where you have to make a difference and the future is one that has not been written yet. So, you should start grabbing opportunities that come in your way in the present as well as in the future. This Self Affirmation technique helps you to be more resourceful in life and is hence, my second favorite.
  3. “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do” – People who are low on self confidence and self belief always tend to bring in negativity to their way of thinking. Everyone cannot be good at everything. People have their own fields of prowess and you should not let things which you are not good at come in the way of the ones you are actually good at. Once you start doing something you are really good at, your self confidence bar gets automatically raised and you start feeling good about yourself.

These are 3 of the best Self Affirmations I have come across. Following them properly really does increase your motivation to work and moulds you into a better person altogether. All you will have to do is to believe in them, recite them regularly in a very convincing way and it won’t be long that you will find success knocking at your doorstep!