What Are Negative Affirmations?

Self Affirmation is a method used by people for their own betterment and in order to achieve some goal they have set for themselves. Self Affirmation can be achieved through processes like mental talk, mental healing, hypnotherapy and many others. Being positive is the main essence of using this particular tool. A positive mind makes a positive body – this can be referred to as the basic theory of Self Affirmation. Contradictory as it may seem, negativity can also be used as a tool to make positive affirmations. Confused? Well, don’t be. I will clear out the confusion you might have as to how two completely opposite terms can actually be used together to make a positive impression.

How can negativity be used for positive affirmations? The answer to this is simple. Consider a situation where there is something which scares you the most and at any cost, you would not like that to come in the way of you and your goal. This something is an incident or a bad quality that you dread and you would never want it to surface up in your mind because that will indirectly affect you and as a result, you might not be able to succeed in what you are planning to do. You want to keep reminding yourself never to think of such a thing because you are aware of the harmful effect that it will carry with itself. You want to assure yourself that you do not think of such negative things. These are called negative affirmations. After you realize what the negative things that might affect your mind are, you make up your mind not to think of them while at work. It is only when you know the cause of the failure that you will be able to succeed. Knowing the negative affirmations help you make the positive ones which you can use while you are determined to do something. You need to constantly focus on the negative outcome and this is how you can use negativity to your benefit. You will probably get more work done in this way, than by just having positive affirmations. Just having positive affirmations is not enough. You cannot prescribe the proper medicine without knowing the disease your patient is carrying. Similarly, without knowing your greatest fears, you will not be able to make suitable affirmations that will help you counter those particular fears. Results have actually shown that people following this tool have had more success than those following the traditional positive Self Affirmation procedure. See what I had meant when I said that you can use negativity to obtain something positive?

Different places where negative Self Affirmations can be used are in school, at work, concern to lose weight, matters related to your sexual life, your overall physical self and also to boost up your self-esteem and confidence. This theory has indeed reaped magnificent results because it is very different. So go ahead and try it out. I’m sure you will succeed!