Understanding self affirmation to achieve more success in your life

Affirmations are statements that you voice out or express or recite your desires. It is a process of affirming yourself and can be of great influence in turning your dreams into reality. Self affirmations are positive statements that you develop for yourself.

These short statements can help you to understand the logic behind your dreams and goals better and keep you motivated to achieve them. Your goals and dreams serve as the foundation of these statements. As you dream to become something or achieve something, you write them down in achievable targets and set corresponding time limits to achieve them. You learn to recognize the hindrances that block your path and motivational factors that inspire you; thus, helping you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. To make these statements help you achieve the success in your life, it is important that you learn the manner in which they work through the following paragraphs:

Positive feeling: The positive statements set an optimistic mood to begin with. These act as inhibitors to the negative thought process. It helps to relax and gain confidence with repetitions. It helps to see the objectivity and goodness in a work and the surroundings. It can help to move forward toward the accomplishments of the goals and further helps to keep the track of the path.  Daily repetitions of these statements every day lead to growth of confidence.  It helps to settle down the frustrations and leads to increased faith in your dreams.

Imagining power: When you repeat the statements everyday at least twice for many times (approximately 15 times), it helps to gain confidence in them. You will have to believe in the words that you pronounce such that they are part of you. As time goes on, you will be able to see them working. Your power of imagination boosts the transformation. The dreams that you first imagine faintly in your mind comes alive with your imaginations like a movie.  The clearer you see it, the stronger it gets because you believe in them as you make sincere efforts to realize them. The mental ability becomes stronger with the process.

Repetitions:  The statements are to be repeated everyday and this regular practice is important to make the mind perceive that the work is possible to achieve.  Unless, the mind confirms to the thought, it will act as a hindrance to the achievement of the goal. The strength of the statements begins to grow and leads to gaining the self confidence. This in turn helps to re-evaluate the factors that contribute to your personality and helps to boost your self –esteem. This leads to an overall development of the person. Therefore, regular practice with utmost faith is important to keep it working.

Current time: Now is the word you should be concerned about. It is only present that you have with yourself. You will have to understand the current prevailing times and work to change them if they are not in your favor. Writing self affirming statements in present tense is important because it impacts the mind to acknowledge the objective and helps to work accordingly.

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