Utilizing Self Affirmation to make the most of the Power of Mind and the Law of Attraction

Self affirmations have the power to influence the mind. The power of mind and the law of attraction when combined create a powerful impact on the person. Self affirmations are statements that are positive in nature which works as motivational tool.  These statements can actually help to turn the world around and help in getting whatever wished for.

To understand the effect it can create in everyday life, it is important that you notice the working of these statements to influence the mind.  Harnessing the mind power can make it very strong such that it can change the daily happenings in a subtle manner. In subsequent paragraphs, we try to understand how it works to create an impression over the mind.

Clarity: It is an important part of the statements.  These statements are positive and strong sentences that should bring out the clarity of the thought. The preciseness of the sentence will help to determine the degree of focus of the thoughts. These sentences are based on the goals you seek to achieve and thereby help to remove the hindrances and keep you motivated.  Hence, clarity of the thoughts help to write concrete sentences and evaluate the targets you set for yourself.

Positivity:  Optimism is the key to make these sentences work. If you think positive, you will attract positive energy around you and that will help in realization of the goal. It is generally advised to use positive words while writing the sentences because using negative words or connotations gives a restricting or denying feeling. Moreover, when such sentences are used in a daily basis, it boosts the confidence level as you start believing in them.

Repetitions: Repeating the sentences regularly helps to make an impact on the subconscious mind. It gets embedded in the mind and helps you to stay the course. The statements have to be repeated everyday both at morning and at night to get the best utility. Saying them in the morning helps to keep the goal in mind throughout the day and keeps the mind alert when performing the daily work, whereas repeating them at night before going to bed helps to improve the visualization power.  However, significance should be given on the manner of repetition. The statements should be said in full faith. You should actually believe in the words that you pronounce because hollow words can never create an effect on anything.

Faith: Nothing works without faith and sincere efforts.  You will have to believe yourself, even when no one else believes in you. Moreover, you will have to believe that you can accomplish the task now and not leave anything for future. This will help to improve the pace of realization of the work. If negative thoughts encircle your mind, make it a habit to ignore them and brush them aside.  Verbalize your words to imagine the picture accomplishing the work in your mind and it should feel as if it is real. It will gradually help attract the things you want in your life and the mind will grow stronger with time, thus increasing its ability.

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