Anger in Relationships

No person on earth lives alone. Even though he may not have any family or friends, he is still part of the societal framework and is exposed to other people. Hence, every person must live along with others. In order to do so, he cannot always have his way, and must concede to the wishes of others as well. Sometimes, he does so in an amicable fashion while at other times, his response is angry. The emergence of annoyance with someone else brings forth the concept of anger in relationships.

In the context of today’s society, there are different types of relationships, each having its own characteristics. Even the most loving relationships will have their moments wherein there is discord. Nevertheless, some amount of argument and disagreement is healthy as it helps each person to understand the other.

Family Relationships

When people have particularly close relationships, there is bound to be discord as wishes, wants, desires and opinions will clash. It is not possible for everyone to get everything; and the person who loses out will get angry, as that anger is a manifestation of his/her hurt feelings. Disagreement between generations, between parents and children happen all the time when children are growing up. They wish to assert themselves, take their own decisions, and hence enter into conflict with their parents. Tempers swell, and voices are raised at each other. However, that does not mean that each loves the other any lesser. In fact, this form of discord is one of the few that does not result in any penalty being opposed. When the child gets angry, he is not gravely penalized for showing that emotion. However, if he does something destructive or harmful to another person in retaliation, he may be punished for his derogatory actions. It must be remembered that this punishment is only disciplinary.

Marital Relationships

Of all relationships, marital ones are the most sensitive as they bring together different people under the same roof. Courting and marriage are quite different as in the former situation each partner tries his/her best to appease the other. However, once they are married, then the appeasements become less frequent. As it is commonly said, the true nature of a person is known after you marry him/her. Skeletons in the form of behavioural traits start to come out of the cupboard, which were hitherto held back in the courtship phase. Marriage involves a high amount of accommodation for each other’s eccentricities and temperament. At times, the personality differences can create feelings of frustration and anger, which have to be expertly managed. In marital relationships, each person has to be extremely accommodating by using self-control and keeping a check on their anger. The thread of trust and love is very thin and can be broken quite easily. Hence, it is imperative to control anger before it (figuratively) burns the home.

Societal Relationships

The capitalist society that we live in consists of the ‘Haves’ and ‘Have nots’. This creates an unbalanced society wherein the ‘have nots’ feel cheated and are frustrated due to their incapacities. This frustration brings forth anger and revolt.

There is a relationship between the citizens and authorities as well. Both have to work and live in synchronization with each other, and there are times when there is bound to be conflict and anger.

Every person needs to live in conformity of the laid down rules and regulations. Any dissent will lead to discord and associated anger. However, as this anger cannot be avoided in its entirety, it must be managed in the best possible way.

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