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Anger Management

Anger and its Nuances
Anger is an emotion; and emotions are feelings. Anger can be an internal emotion or can be manifest through outward behaviour. Anger is experienced by all living beings as they have feelings.

Acts of Anger
Anger is demonstrated in various ways. Though anger is an emotion that a person feels within himself, most often he outwardly expresses it some way. This is called an act of anger. Lets understand the differenct acts of anger.

Levels of Anger
Most of our emotions vary on a scale of extremities. Anger also has several levels, ranging from the mildest to the severest.

Manifestations of Anger
Animals cannot speak in a language understandable by humans, yet they can express their displeasure or anger by their behaviour and movements. Similarly, man too, shows various manifestations (signs) of anger.

What is Anger Management ?
As anger has many manifestations in the form of verbal, physical, or emotional, it has to be managed in different ways, as each type of anger will require a different form of management.

Need for Anger Management
Anger grows with time and incidents. A small irritation can assume level of fury if the irritation remains unchecked. Anger management is necessary for all types of anger be it minor irritation or seething rage.

How to Manage Anger
Three simple steps can help a person regulate (manage) anger. The three-fold route may take time (in controlling) anger but it is the most effective, as it causes no harm to anyone.

When do you need Anger Management ?
To identify the requirement for anger management, it is essential to look for signs of anger, irritation, and annoyance, which may be explicit or implicit.

Anger Management in Social Circles
We are part of a larger society and must cohabit with others in the most effective way. Lets discuss some simple guidelines for anger management within the social circle.

Anger Management and Self-Control
Anger has various intensities ranging from minor irritation to seething fury, and therefore needs to be tackled in different ways ranging from self-control to seeking external help and counselling.

Self-control vs. External Help in Anger Management
Anger management relates to systems and methodologies that can be used to manage anger. The article discusses in detail the two most important methods for managing anger - self-control and external help.

Anger in Relationships
There are different types of relationships, each having its own characteristics. Lets discuss how to manage anger in various types of relationships.