Need for Anger Management

Anger as an emotion is both healthy and detrimental. When done in moderation, it helps a person express his feelings; but when used frequently, can be negative. Too much anger can make a person abusive and obnoxious whereby friends and acquaintances will try to avoid him.

Anger management is necessary for all types of anger – be it minor irritation or seething rage. On analyzing the term ‘management’, it can mean various things – just plain managing to keep it in check or extreme control mechanisms.

Anger grows with time and incidents. A small irritation can assume level of fury if the irritation remains unchecked. The irritation, if not controlled or diverted, can increase the degree of anger whereby the intensity increases.

A bee buzzing around the room irritates Johnny. He starts swatting it, and it increases its speed and buzz, thereby increasing Johnny’s irritation converting it to anger. Johnny continues chasing the bee and swatting it in the hope of getting rid of it. In the process, a few glass artefacts in the room have been broken due to the continuous swatting. Thus, a minor irritation expanded in its intensity and caused damage.

Anger can be both internal and external. Internal anger is directed to oneself and must be managed by either calming oneself down or diverting the anger towards a constructive action. If this suppression or diversion is not done, the anger keeps biting internally, and makes the person more miserable.

External anger must be checked, and managed, as it involves another person or thing. The need for anger management becomes imperative as unrestrained anger can result in violence and cause bodily harm.

Anger management is needed to ensure:

  • Harmonious relationships: Man lives in a communal set-up whereby he must maintain harmonious relationships with his peers and family. If anger prevails, the thread of agreement breaks and destroys the societal framework. No individual can continuously live in an angry or hostile environment.
  • Sanity of mind and thought: Anger is the devil incarnate that usurps the judgement of mind. It creates havoc within the thought processes whereby all reason and logic is trampled upon. Therefore, there is a need for anger management to retain this sanity. As the popular adage goes, ‘anger can make a person mad’!
  • Good health: Continuous unchecked anger can create health issues for a person leading to hypertension and cardiac disorders. Frequent outburst of anger leads to creation of stress for both the angry person as well as the other individual; thereby making both of them victims of this anger.
  • Self-esteem: Anger ruins self-esteem as it makes a person unhappy and miserable. Anger that stems from frustrations, and incapacities to perform, leads to lowered self-esteem.
  • Clarity of thought: When a person is angry, he is unable to think clearly. All efforts of mind and body are diverted to the feelings of anger. Such feelings can wreak havoc internally and externally. Therefore, there is an immense need to manage anger so that thought processes can be clear.
  • Quality of life: Anger management when done through techniques of self-control are essential towards improving the quality of life. When constantly hit with bouts of anger, a person lives an unhappy and stressful life. If he is able to restrain his anger and divert his thoughts elsewhere, it helps him become a better person and live a fulfilled life.
  • Happiness: Last, but not the least important, is happiness. A person is happy with himself if he is able to control his emotions to the extend he desires and is liked by people around him. No one likes angry and disgruntled people and hence the key to sheer happiness is anger management.

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