Body Language and Self Confidence

Body language helps in understanding the personality of an individual by observing the behavior of the body. Body language plays a great role in all major aspects of our life. Whether it is an interview, meeting a new date, greeting your employees or making a presentation, a good body language will always give you an edge over the others. At the same, a bad body language will only prove to be a down fall.

Body language can also determine confidence in an individual and it is only the confidence that can take you go to places. Let us understand the relationship between body language and self confidence.

  • Hands
    People who do hand actions while speaking are said to be more expressive than others. But it mainly suggests their nervousness. Excess hand movement also suggests lack of confidence in speech; such as in a candidate who is trying hard to explain himself through hand movements. Thus one must avoid making too many hand actions, especially when you are being seated in front of other people.Make a video of the way you talk and observe yourself carefully. Do you make hand movements every time you speak or does it occur only randomly ? If you find it difficult to get over the hand movement then try to hold on to something, like a pen or a notebook in order to overcome the habit.
  • Head
    Your head should be held straight, chin at about 90 degree to the ground level. Do not bend your head left, right or downwards while talking to an eminent person. It shows that you are getting easily dominated by the person in front of you.A person walking with head held too high such that the chin is extended outwards is believed to have over confidence.

    When you maintain a straight position of the head, you will feel confident above yourself.

  • Sitting Position
    How do you sit ? Are your legs spread ? Do you sit cross-legged ? Where are your hands placed ? All these greatly reflect the levels of confidence.Those who sit in such a way that they bend forward and keep playing with their hands as judged to have low self confidence. Those who keep changing their sitting position, as if in quest of comfort, are also said to have low self confidence. Hence, these points must be kept in mind.

    When you sit with your back straight, head straight, talk while making minimum of the hand movements and do not shake your leg; this reflects a good body language. Preferably, your hands should be clasped together and kept on the table.

  • Walk
    Walk with your head held high and a straight back. Do not droop. Those who walk by putting their chest forward are said to have a superiority complex or over confidence.Steps should be small and uniform. This shows that you are a balanced personality and have good self confidence.
  • Other Things to Remember
    One must practice consciously the right body language unless these actions become a habit. Practice them when you eat your meals, talk to your friends and family or are alone with yourself.There are many factors which may interfere in building in a good body language. It could be lack of self esteem due to obesity, financial problems, loss of job, etc. Your negative feeling will be reflected in your body language and hence show a low self confidence.