Building Self confidence in Addicts

Inculcating self confidence in addicts not just helps them in the recovery program but also helps them in staying away from the evil habit for good. While recovering from the addiction and the phase after that, there are many sensitive moments which may tempt the person to fall into the deadly pit once again. This is where a firm faith in oneself will prove to be helpful.

Signs of Low Self Confidence in an Addict

Every addict suffers low self confidence and low self esteem. They lack belief in themselves and hence at any given opportunity take a U-turn.

The first sign is that they can be found saying that it is impossible for them to leave the habit. They can be using sentences like, “I just cannot quit it, I can`t” or “It is too late, I rather die because of it” to avoid any type of de-addiction program.

The second sign is that they addicts lie a lot. Most of them have a habit of lying, even for small things. Ask them how their day was spent and they may end up telling a different story to different people.

Another sign is that even though they are self occupied, they lack self respect and do not take anything seriously. The basic attitude is, “I don`t care”. Let me elaborate with few examples. A married man may not bother about his wife or children. All he will want is to have money to buy his drug/drink. A woman, in claws of addiction may show interest in maintaining her dignity.

Most of the addicts reflect an image of sympathy and melancholy. And, almost everyone will have a story to explain why he/she became an addict despite of not wanting to become one. The reason is often very convincing. This only suggests that they had no self confidence and hence took support of something so shallow.

How to Embed Confidence in Addicts
  • Use Chart of Strengths, Achievements and Good DeedsSit with the addict and ask them about their happy moments in life. Ask them about the achievements, both big and small. Talk to their family and friends and generate a chart of their strengths and assets.

    Make a chart of all these categories and try to use photographs to increase the impact. A happy family portrait, photograph in kids, etc may generate a strong desire of getting rid of addiction forever.

    Making them view videos of the time they spent with their loved ones is another effective way of attracting them to towards a better life. Once this desire has been generated, the next step is to make them believe that using their own self confidence and determination they can fight their addiction.

    Know what makes them feel better and ask them about any moments in their life which they feel proud of themselves. It could be something as small as helping a blind man cross the signal or as big as lending something cash in times of dire need.

    Remembering these moments will help them feel good about themselves and hence improve their self confidence.

  • Swap it with Something ProductiveMost of the addicts do not have anything substantial in their life. Either they remain grounded in their room or socialize with people of a similar addiction.

    Encourage them to have a ”healthy addiction”. It could be an addiction for learning a dance form, participating in outdoor sports or doing a new course to improve professional skills. This will lead to personality improvement and hence significantly increase self confidence in them.