Building Self Confidence in Rape victims

Even though it is not her fault still she cannot face the world. If she is sympathized upon it will remind her of how pitiful her situation is, making her feel extremely low about herself. If she is left alone then too there is a risk of her developing chronic depression or trying to harm herself. This fragile condition, thus, must be handled very carefully.

A rape victim suffers from anger, a very low esteem and low self respect. It is all together a different case and can only be solved by re-booting confidence in the rape victim. It is their own self confidence alone that will help them overcome everything.

Let her Take time to Start Talking

Most of the girls withdraw themselves from the society and from their family, feeling ashamed of their self. Observe if she has withdrawn herself. If yes, then let her be on her own.  Try talking make her the centre of attraction because this is exactly the cause of their being passive and uninvolved.  Then, it may take a long time before she starts talking again.

Once she starts talking directly or indirectly about the episode, try to make her understand that the only way out is to move on. Even if she talks directly about the topic, the friends and the family should only listen and not ask question about how it happened. Remember, it is nothing like having a road accident or being in the coma.

Someone should always be nearby

Listen carefully when she talks. Analyze carefully her state of mind. Is she sarcastic about life? Does her bitterness suggest possibility of a suicide attempt? If so, then someone should always be there with her.

It is important for the rape victim to always have a company. This gives them a sense of security and comfort. In more sensitive cases, the woman may be facing nightmares, feeling scared when alone, etc. Plus, when someone approaches her with awkward questions, there should be someone to answer them on her behalf. This will make her feel more.

Counseling at the Right Time  

The younger the victim, the more difficult it is to make them overcome it. Once she recovers from the physically injuries, she must be started with psychological counseling.

The counseling should not be delayed. Psychologists have special methods to dig into the thoughts of the people. This helps them to up root all negative thinking from the patient. The negative thoughts are dealt with there is a great hope for the victim to resume normal life style soon.

Similar Stories

There are several articles, essays and brief autobiographies of rape victims available on the internet. The content elaborates about how these victims started a new life. Their positive writings can be used to inculcate a desire to live life once again with full vigor.

Usually the victim should be allowed to read these stories alone because it will allow them to absorb the content better.

Affection of a Man

Acceptance by a man about her tragedy and his love for her despite of it can do wonders to self esteem of a sexually assaulted woman. There will be times when she may burst into anger and tears, feeling hopeless and assuming his affection for her as a sympathetic act. The man will need to be patient

Building self confidence in rape victims will demand a lot of patience and a lot of time. Because of their disturbed mental status, their behavior can be unpredictable.

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