Difference between Self Confidence and Over Confidence

Confidence in excess may take shape of over confidence. But the estimation of excess of self confidence cannot be done by any thumb rule. What seems self confidence to an individual could be over confidence in someone else`s eyes. It is more or less about a point of view.

Nevertheless, there are certain signs which help in distinguishing between over confidence and self confidence. Additionally, overconfidence is like a parasite which slowly eats up the foundation of the faith that you have in yourself by putting you at a greater risk of failure.

Let us understand the difference between self confidence and over confidence, why it is a threat to your personality and how it can be overcome.

Signs that Reflect an Overconfident Personality

Not Accepting Competition

An overconfident person cannot accept competition and believes firmly that he/she is the best. He/she will believe that come what may they are the most skilled individuals and hence no one can defeat them. On the other hand, a self confident person is aware about his/her skills and knows that he/she is going to give their best.

Many may disagree and suggest that a firm faith in winning in whatever one competes for is not overconfidence. One way of ending the controversy is by observing the intensity with which one wants to be the winner and the attitude with which one faces failure.

A secondary sign is that they may try to shake other people`s confidence by elaborative self talk.

Not Accepting Criticism

Those with overconfidence have trouble accepting criticism. So much so that they over look all of their weakness. Despite of their downfalls they reflect a firm faith in being superior to all.

In case of any criticism from anyone they can be found boasting about their experience, power and potential.

Illogical Risks

When a person starts taking risks which are illogical and without any calculation then this suggests over confidence. Over confidence can throw you into a pit of infinite failure because the person will be unable to accept the reality.

There are many ego clashes both in the personal and the professional relationships. They think they are always right.

How Overconfidence Damages

Being overconfident is equally dangerous for the person and the people around that person. An organization may suffer a major financial loss because of the illogical risk taken by an overconfident employer.

Trusting a wrong person, due to one`s own over confidence, could prove to be extremely dangerous. It shakes the faith of the people around you. Losing faith of your boss, wife, parents and friends is the worst thing that could to anybody.

Once the overconfident person realizes that he/she is losing support of the near and dear ones, he/she may face a sudden drop in the self esteem of the person. This sudden change is harmful for mental stability and can lead to a frustrated and unfulfilling life.

How to Prevent and Overcome Overconfidence

The best way to prevent overconfidence is to remain self aware. It is important to do critical analysis of one`s personality. There are many effective ways to do so. Be aware about the rumors about you in the office. Ask those near you if they have seen any changes in your behavior or attitude in recent past.

You may even maintain a personal dairy which you may read by the end of every month. Pay attention to the type of language used to describe your actions.

In order to overcome overconfidence, you must accept that you are having overconfidence. It starts with accepting your flaws and by making logical decisions.

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