Difference Between Self Confidence and Self Esteem

There is a fundamental difference between self confidence and self esteem but most people use these words synonymously to each other. Let us understand what sets them apart and why it is important to understand the difference between these two.

One of the major differences between self confidence and self esteem is that they both come into existence from different sources. The way one has been treated by their family and friends, and the way in which one allows this to affect oneself, tells a lot about the amount of self esteem that a person carriers with them.

Though both the traits need a gradual process to develop but it takes shorter time for the self confidence to build. Self esteem requires much more time. Self esteem is acquired based on the situations one has faced in life. The same goes for the self confidence, you may say, but self confidence can also be acquired immediately.

Self esteem and self confidence are both reflections of the way you think about yourself. But, self confidence could come from the way people think about you. A person with a low self esteem may be visible as a confident person but this cannot be the other way around.

Self esteem is strictly based on what you think about yourself. Let us say that you look into the mirror and you say couple of positive affirmations to yourself to pump up your self confidence but you cannot improve your self esteem this way. This also explains why building self esteem takes longer time and requires more effort. It is only through self esteem that true self confidence grows.

Everyone knows how the advertisement industry targets our self confidence to sell the products. The marketing strategy is planned in such a way that we feel like owning the product in order to boost our confidence.

Almost every product advertisement makes an attempt to make us feel that possessing that product will boost our self confidence. Like, not having a car which is advertised as a symbol of social status may make you feel inferior in front of someone who owns it.

But this does not leave such an impact on our self confidence. We may understand it in this way that it is easier for an advertisement, if at all, to affect our self confidence but it cannot penetrate deep enough to damage the self esteem.

Some confidence gurus teach, “Fake it till you make it”. The idea of having an unripe confidence is that when you go on pretending that you are confident, sooner or later it becomes a habit of yours. But one can never pretend carrying a fake self esteem. That is just not possible.

Also, it is only on the grounds of a strong self esteem can a true confidence develop. So, the actual way to develop self confidence is to build a strong self esteem.

If you have self esteem it is easier to feel and work on self confidence but if you are low on self esteem then it is difficult.

It is important to understand the difference between self confidence and self esteem for the purpose to better self improvement. Once you are able to understand the difference between these two you will be able to understand not just your own personality but also the personalities of people. It becomes easy to identify the strengths and weakness of a person sitting next to you.

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