Gaining Self Confidence after an Accident

A story is attached to every accident; about how it happened, what was felt at the moment and how many injuries occurred. Though the moment gets over but the mind may remain stuck to it, digging a deep pit of fear and anxiety. So much so that it becomes difficult for the individual to re-do that task again. Read further to understand why it is difficult for some people to get going after the accident and how the confidence can be regained to start a new life.

Road Accident

Road accidents are not just visibly scary but they leave a victim with a haunting memory. The moment is gone but its impact may stay for a much longer time if something is not done about it.

Road accidents decrease self confidence by shaking the foundation of belief in oneself. It creates a large amount of self doubt and this leads to a shattered self confidence.

The worst type of road accident is the one which results in death of someone and when the burden of the blame is on your shoulders. In such a situation, the person is unable to face anyone because of the guilt. Here are a few ways to deal with this situation.

  • Do not Blame Yourself

Look it this way, if it had not happened by you, it would have happened through someone else`s hand. Would you have blamed that person?

Be easy on yourself. You have no control over what has already happened.

  • Start Afresh By Sitting Behind

You will need to learn again how to be on a road. So, before you take control in the diving seat sit behind someone and go for a drive. Being on the road itself may make you feel anxious. Once you get over this initial phase of being on the road become regular in going out.

Accidents with Athletes

Physical strength is the key component which gives the athlete self confidence. When injuries occur they not just affect the physical strength but they also affect the confidence that an athlete has on his skills and capability. It is extremely important to recover from this mental blockage otherwise the performance will be drastically affected, further decreasing the self esteem.

  • Complete Physical Recovery

Initially, the athlete should be given enough time to recover from the physical injuries. Later, a counselor must analyze the mental stability of the athlete and only then allow them to start practicing again on the field.

  • Motivation

The athlete must be motivated by reminding them of their past achievements. Negative motivation works well in those athletes who have a strong determination. The coach and the family play a critical role in recovery of the confidence. Convey your faith in them. Assure them that their health holds more importance than anything else.

Make the athlete practice enough before getting again on the tracks. The more they practice, more confidence they will develop.

A curriculum should be prepared which includes performing small tasks. Achieving these small goals will help them regain their confidence.

There are many people who have faced dramatic accidents and have recovered from them. Their articles are available on the internet. Accident victims can relate themselves with them by reading these articles.

No matter what is lost in an accident, we must remember that life waits for no one.

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