How to Build Self Confidence in Teenagers ?

The mind frame of teenagers could be difficult to understand. Most of the teenagers behave unpredictably because of the pressure that they have to deal with their newly found adolescence. To makes situation more precarious, this is the only stage which can make or break their future and parenting needs to be at its best.

Self confidence is the core of personality development in teenagers. This is how it can be done.

  • Be Prepared, Be Confident

As a parent, coach or teacher, you will need to carry yourself with enough self confidence and self esteem. You will need to be prepared for any problem that the teen comes up with.

The teen may be facing stage fright, is cautious about his/her body, etc and hence is not able to socialize or participate in co-curricular activities.

Teenagers have their own thinking procedure. They are not children anymore. Hence, you cannot expect them to believe and agree with you even though you know you are right.

For example, the teen may have a very low confidence because of not having to wear fashionable clothes like other students. Just by saying that clothes are not a parameter to measure character of someone, you cannot expect them to stop thinking about it. They need to be handled wisely. They will demand reasoning.

Hence, be prepared to deal with all sorts of problems. It is important for the teen to keep their minds free from stress in order to feel confident.

  • Let them be Natural

Allow the teen to talk, sit, walk, eat, etc in the way they want to do it; as long as it does not seem socially inappropriate. Persistent nagging can make the teen feel extremely cautious and damage their self confidence. Also, they should never be scolded or interrupted in public. Teenagers are sensitive and they may get hurt easily.

When you will allow them to be themselves, they will feel encouraged and become comfortable with their body and life. This will improve their self esteem and hence improve their self confidence.

  • Show Interest in their Point of View

It is not compulsory that what used to be right in your teenage life is suitable for your teenager too. Keep the communication strong and show interest in their point of view.

Confidence is reflected in body language. Constant encouragement is the key for the same.

  • Let Dating Begin

Dating at this age is knotty. Changes in the body and the brand-new attraction towards the opposite gender can make them nervous and fill brain with a lot of self-doubt.

Instead of trying to hold you daughters and sons away from dating help them understand how dating works. This will prevent them from making a fool out of themselves in front of their peers.

  • Give Responsibility

Discuss with your teenage son that since he is a grown-up now, you believe that he is capable of sharing some of family responsibilities. Ask you teenage daughter to help you with breakfast sometimes because you realized that she is a great cook in the making.

Compliment them and make them feel important. Responsibility brings self –confidence to the head.

Instead of giving a dollar every day, give monthly or fortnightly pocket money to them. Let them know that they will not get anything before the due date. Learning to handle cash also helps in churning out self confidence in teenagers.