Importance of Self Confidence

Confidence is a way of living. It influences the decisions that you make in your everyday life and without it we could do a lot worse. Let us understand the importance of self confidence our life.

  • Necessary for Mental and Physical Health

Self confidence provides you with a stable state of mind. Rapid reduction in self confidence may create disturbances in the psychological stability of a person. This is extremely harmful for mental health of a person.

The person may show symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, dependence disorder or any other mental problem. In extreme cases, things may become ugly. Suicide attempt is example of worse cases of low self confidence.

It can affect physical health too. For example, women who have low self confidence about their physical appearance may develop anorexia.

Low self confidence in children at an early stage could lead to development of problem of stammering or stuttering. Many therapists use methods to improve self confidence to treat such problems.

  • Role in Relationships and Society

There are many duties that you need to perform in your personal and social life. There is a certain way that we are expected to behave in our life. That attitude is visible only if we feel confident from inside.

If you are the boss you cannot look confused to your employees. If you are the teacher you cannot afford to appear anything less than confident in teaching your subject. Self confidence encourages you to give your best.

By being confident you offer dependability to the people around you. Your boss feels sure that you will get him a plan to increase sales of the company, your spouse shall feel secure in your companionship and your friend knows to come to you in time of need of any motivation. Self confidence allows people to have trust in you. A confident person is always in demand.

  • Maintaining Self esteem

Self esteem and self confident run parallel to each other. An increase in self confidence will increase self esteem and vice versa. Self esteem gives you the comfort to be with your own self.

  • Loyal Companion

An accident can take anything away from you but it cannot take away your confidence. Confidence is with you as long as you are with it. It is your confidence in you that will give you the strength to start a new life after a divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, etc.

Self confidence is like your heart beat, it may fluctuate and go up and down but it should never stop.

  • Achieving Goals

With right confidence you can achieve everything that you want. You need to have enough faith in you to pursue your goals. The road to success is never smooth and you it is only your confidence that will keep you going.

Risks need to be taken when dreams need to be realized. The encouragement to take the risks and to remain motivated comes from self confidence. Unless you believe in yourself that you are capable of making your dreams come true, nothing is possible. Confidence alone is enough to achieve anything.

Having self confidence makes you emotionally independent. It is an internal source of motivation.