Power of Self Confidence

A great scientist made a hundred unsuccessful attempts before he could finally find a way to light an incandescent light bulb. If he did not have enough self confidence, he would have given up right after a few attempts and we would not have enjoyed electricity like we do today.

This solid faith in oneself can make impossible possible. Having self confidence is a power in itself.

It Turns “I can do it” into “I did it!”

Everyone prepares to give their best. Everyone wants to win. In this competitive world, what is that gives you an edge over the others? It is the self confidence alone that can set the stage on fire. Having self confidence means that you are going to achieve what you want to achieve. Believe that it is already yours. When someone performs with such optimism then miracles can happen.

Seeing Strength, not Weakness

The power of self confidence is such that you focus only on your assets. There is no room for second thoughts or negative thinking. If Beethoven had assumed that because he is deaf he should not even think about playing music we would never have got to listen to his classic contributions.

The optimism may show you the path to walk on but confidence helps you keep walking unless you are successful.

Unshakable Belief

Newton’s mother was told by a fortune teller that her son would never be able to study. But it was only the strong faith that he had in himself that he could learn to read and write. Today, his discoveries are an integral part of school and higher education.

Take any genre of life, politics, entertainment, health care or administration; those who have wanted to prove their point have made it despite of criticism from people. Lack of self confidence is responsible for many unrealized dreams.

But there is always risk of appearing stubborn and arrogant. Beware of these.

Fierce Character

There is nothing that can match the intensity of a confident character. Self confidence takes time to build and so does character. It makes one stand out in crowd. Only a confident singer can set the stage on fire. Only a confident speaker can fetch attention of the audience.

Top ways to Keep Self Confidence Strong

It is important to keep your confidence levels recharged regularly to lead a great life. This can be done in the following way.

Test your confidence levels. Do critical analysis of your recent performance at work, in personal life, etc.

Recognize your source of confidence. It could be the belief of dear ones in you, expectation by the boss or responsibility towards your family. Maintain contact with your source of self confidence.

Practice positive affirmations as often as possible. These help in maintaining contact with oneself. In order to be self confident it is important that you remain self aware. Write about your doubts. Those doubts could be result of a recent criticism or an unsuccessful task. Write a positive affirmation against each doubt. Speak it to yourself and listen to your voice carefully. Let those words fill into your conscious.

Think productive. It is important to be logical than to be intelligent. An intelligent person may put forward a theory that may question that if 1 woman can give birth to 1 child in 9 months, then why is it not possible for 9 women to produce 1 child in 1 month? On the other hand, the logical person knows that it is simply waste of time.