Professional Success with Self Confidence

Realizing the role of confidence in improving the productivity and efficiency of the employees, many top corporate companies are increasingly organizing confidence building classes. After all, self confidence is the key to success.


Surviving the Competition

There will always be a better than the best. In the cut throat competition of today, everyone keeps a sharp eye on the assets of their competitors. But what we really need to focus on is our own assets. There is a large possibility that the competitors may be having powerful resources than us but if we are confident of our own merits then we appear more presentable and competitive. It allows one to have more faith in your strengths and hence appear powerful and impressive.


Convincing Power

One of the prime ways of improving convincing power is by improving self confidence. Convincing power is a great professional asset. It gives your personality an edge over the others in the circuit. How will a salesman be able to make a sale unless he has the right amount of convincing power? How is it possible for a board of directors to give attention to a certain agenda that you put forward unless you do so with conviction?


A confident person will appear sure of what he puts forward- the presentations, the arguments or agendas.


Optimistic and Pleasant Personality

Those with confidence come across as optimistic individuals. Everyone wants to be around a hopeful and pleasant person. With increasing stress in life, optimism seems to be getting swapped with skepticism. This is where hope and enthusiasm can help in adding a fresher dimension to the life.


It is actually amazing to know that there are many such jobs which demand a person to remain appear positive about things. For example, event managers, insurance agents, salesmen,


Dealing with the Critics

A person who is confident can really handle criticism well. In professional life, there are many people who try to pull you down. Whether it is a new concept that you want to get approved or just an attempt to prove your point, it is all so possible with self confidence.


One of the classic examples of having faith and confident in oneself is that displayed by Newton. There is a story that Newton`s mother took him to a palmist when he was still a child. The palmist looked at Newton`s hand and said that the boy could not have proper education since he does not have a line of education on his palm. Looking at his mother, who was visibly upset about the whole thing, one night Newton took a knife and made a cut on his hand. When he was asked why he has made a cut his hand, he said that he has made the line of education on his palm. Basically, he was determined to get educated. Rest, as we know, is history.


Negotiation Power

Being confident about your own assets not just helps you in convincing people about what you believe in but you can also get things negotiated as per own terms. As long as you are confident and are aware that the ball is in your court, there is no way that you cannot get things done in your favor.


Let us take the simplest of the example- buying vegetables. A person who has been buying vegetables since a long time would be aware of the right market price of the groceries. Buying from a street vendor allows one to do maximum bargaining if you know the right price. This way, you are confident about what you are talking about and you know that it would lead to a win-win situation.

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