Quick Boost to Your Self Confidence

It is true that building self confidence is like building muscles which only develops with regular practice. But sometimes, we badly need to pump high dose of self confidence in us right before an important presentation, meeting a date, first interview or any other performance.

This much needed extra quantity of self-confidence can be achieved by using some quick tricks. Read further to know more.

Check List

Analyze your situation and feel sure that you have everything that you need to give your best. Count your strengths and remind yourself about the factors that give you an edge over the others. Pamper yourself with some sweet talking.

Keep repeating about your assets to you unless you feel better. A better option would be to write it down on a rough piece of paper. Example, you may just write in hurry; “I am smart, experienced and there is no reason why I will not be great at it”. It could also be something like this; “I have the right skills and I have worked enough. I just need to be confident”.

Happy Moments

An instant reminder of happy moments provides a sudden rush of confidence. Happy moments increase optimism and optimism increases self worth. A happy moment could be the moment when you came to know about the faith of a dear one in you that you will always do great, and all you need to do is to be confident.

Happy moment could also be that despite of all odds you once cleared an impossible interview. Try to remember a happy moment that you can somehow relate with your current situation.

You may also imagine about a happy moment in the future. Let us assume that you are going on a date for the first time with someone. Imagine that he/she is smitten by your personality. The thought makes you feel better about you, right?

Do something Productive

By doing something productive you will be able to utilize your energy. You may play a mobile game that you are good at, listen to a motivating song or repeat positive affirmations to yourself. Do it alone.

Remember Past

This is not the first time you have felt such a rush in your blood. How did you react the last time you faced an intense need of self confidence and you were lacking it? Did you manage it well? Remind yourself that just the way you were able to boost your confidence then, you will do great now.

The things could be the other way around. You may have faced dire consequences due to low self confidence. Ask yourself, are you going to allow the same thing to happen with you again? No. Make a promise to yourself to make things right this time.

No time for Self Doubt

You need to pull yourself together and keep negative thoughts at bay. If there is anything negative that is coming to your mind fight it with positive thoughts. Let us consider an example.

If you need to give a presentation on which your job depends, you may fear what if someone laughs at you? What if your boss does not like it? What if the person you hate the most in the office gets the promotion that you rightfully deserve?

Instead of allowing these useless thoughts to wander in your mind remind yourself that you simply need to go and perform. Thinking about all this is not going to do any good to you.

This is not time to doubt your abilities and preparation. It is time to go and give your best.

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