Self confidence and Sexuality

Physical intimacy bonds two people in a special way. It is natural for two individuals in a relationship to feel immensely attracted towards each other. But due to lack of confidence, he/she may not be able to indulge whole heartedly into love-making despite to having the desire for the same. Chances are high that culprit is low self confidence. Read further to know more.


Causes and Effects of Low Self Confidence on Sexuality

Low self confidence can develop in both men and women. The partner may keep making excuses to prevent getting into any sexual act.

Women are mainly concerned about their body shape. In today`s lifestyle where size zero is said to be “in” and most women like to stay up to the mark with the fashion, things tend to become a little complicated.

Crash dieting has serious side effect. It may leave the skin looking saggy and full of stretch marks due to sudden weight loss. And those, who are unable to lose weight, may feel shy to show their body. Then there is the evergreen topic of bust line.

Additionally, more and more women are falling prey to hormonal imbalance which often leading to growth of unwanted hair on the body. Presence of body hair is another major cause of stress in women. Some may even bluntly tell their partner that their waxing session is pending and so they cannot shake the sheets.


Another cause could be presence of pubic hair. Most women cannot get enough for the question whether or not they should remove their pubic hair. Some even go to the extent of getting bikini wax done, a procedure which is very painful, and usually only recommended to models or actors.

Men have more or less similar issues. Most men are cautious about size of their private parts.

One must carefully observe his/her partner and try to understand the exact cause of the concern. Men are highly unlikely to share their lack of confidence.

The issue becomes more sensitive when one of the partners is better looking than the other. This too could be the cause of sexual inhibition.


How to Improve It


Start Talking

Bring up the topic of sexual inhibition by giving some hypothetical example and observe the reaction of your mate. Chances are high that you may get your answers through opinions of your partner regarding that case.

Communication is the key to all problems in a relationship. Once you bring your partner on the talking grounds, be assured that the major portion of the problem is solved. When they share their reason of lack of self confidence, treat them with affection and affirm that it does not matter to you.


Actions Speak Louder than Words

The way you treat your partner in bed expresses completely about how you feel about their body. Praise, sweet talking and passion melt away all forms of inhibitions. Make sure never to say anything negative about the body of your partner. It may offend their self esteem for good.


Show Acceptance

Tell your partner that even though there are many treatments available to enhance the body, one should accept their body the way it is. Everyone has something or the other that they want to improve about their body and looks.

Discuss about the changes you could make your body but you are not going to make because bothered because one must try to remain as natural as possible.

Make your partner believe that as long as he/she is healthy, you are happy.

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