Top 7 Ways for Self Growth

Self growth is nothing similar to an instant cup of noodle. That kind of thing could work for immediate motivation and encouragement but self growth is a life-long process.


Everyone has different shades to their personality and it takes time to recognize and work on those shades. But, there are some evergreen ways which help in having an overall self growth. Let us know about them.


Start with a Test


If you are not sure what you need to work on then simply take tests which will help in showing your areas of strengths and weakness. Most common tests are IQ and EI tests. Once you get their results you could decide which areas you specifically need to work on.


For some, it could be time management and for some it could be to develop more understanding about relationships. The scope of self improvement and self growth is unlimited. The best way to get started is to focus on those things which will bring immediate positive effects in your life.


Adopt Self-discipline


Self discipline is beneficial in every sphere of life since it provides inner strength and determination. It prevents one from falling weak and getting dependent on alcohol and drugs. It is through self discipline that we can achieve concentration to improve our self.


Most people misunderstand the term self discipline and become control freaks. Let us understand this by taking an example. Consider that you have fever and the doctor has asked you to take 3 pills a day. He mentioned it clearly that it is nothing but a minor fever and that you will be fine within 3 days. Now, taking those 3 tablets in a day and taking ample rest could be considered as being disciplined. But, checking the fever after every hour to keep record of the body temperature reflects that you are trying to take control unnecessarily.


Accept ups and Downs


One of the best tips for self growth is to accept the ups and downs in the life. One must learn from the failures and feel motivated to do better from the success. Self growth is not just about preparing oneself from giving the best but it is also about being prepared to face the failure with courage.


Get a Pet


It may sound a little strange but having an animal companion is a great way of self growth. Some of the most important areas of self growth which an animal companion can help you develop are patience, responsibility and emotional intelligence.

The unpredictability connected with the pet will help you in improving your patience level and degree of tolerance.


Choose one according to your lifestyle. There is no point in getting a pet if you cannot take care of it.


Look at yourself


Take a good look at yourself. What is it about your physical appearance that you think it needs to be changed? Physical appearance is one of the most important areas of self growth. Looking good makes you feel good and this gives an instant boost in self confidence.


This kind of grooming has many aspects. Many people agree that by wearing formal cloths in office they feel more confident than on the days when they wear casuals or something which is less powerful.

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