What is Self Confidence

Self confidence is a psychological state of mind of being sure of oneself in making right decisions and doing right actions. It is the most valuable personality asset that anyone could have.

Need of Self Confidence

Having self confidence is like having an egg in the beer. It puts you above par with others. It is as needful in daily life as it is making your dreams come true.

Everyone likes to be in company of happy people. Self-confidence gives you an edge and it adds spark to your personality. It makes you visible in the society.

Self confidence is a packaged deal. It comes with self esteem, optimism, fierceness and enthusiasm. If you have the self confidence then your boss will be happy to have you because he can count on you. And, if you are the boss then your employees would be happy to work for you for a successful career.

Self confidence in relationships makes you appear as a secure and independent person. You will find self-confidence helping you out while dating a new person, taking responsibility of your loved one and while handling a break-up or divorce.

Come what may, financial break-down, rejection by dear ones or office gossip, self-confidence will always prove to be the anchor to your ship.

All in all self confidence makes you a strong person who has the great probability to handle life in a better way even in the worst of the situations.

Signs of a Confident Person

Optimism is the number one sign of a self-confident person. A confident person will keep doing the task despite of discouragement by others. The self-assuredness is enough for a self confidence person that the work that they are doing or the belief that they are holding on to is right or will prove to be right someday.

Self confidence is visible through clarity in thoughts and actions. A confident person will hardly appear confused. They are aware and sure of themselves and their actions.

Signs of low Self Confidence

People having low self-confidence worries too much of other`s opinion and can hardly make a decision on their own. Majority`s opinion holds more importance to them than their own. Even if they know that they are right they are not able to take a stand of their own.

Fear is another visible factor in people with low self confidence. Thoughts of fear and criticism seem to pace their minds while doing anything important. They may also show lack of concentration.

People with a low self confidence easily give up. They are often found using lines, “I just cannot do it”.

Source of Self confidence

The asset can either be developed passively over years or can be realized within a few minutes.

Love and support of family and friends holds the highest ranking in inculcating self-confidence in individuals. But in today`s lifestyle where most of the people stay away from their dear ones it is love for oneself that helps in maintaining self confidence. Self-love embeds seeds of self-confidence automatically.

Self confidence can also be attained by use of external factors such as self-confidence building CDs, videos, exercises, reading motivational stories, etc. There are many clubs dedicated for self-development where self confidence can be learned.

However, there is a thin line between self-confidence and hubris. Hubris is having excessive self-confidence that is reflected as arrogance and total disregard for others.

Self-confidence is like an anti-virus to the machinery of life. Like any other anti-virus, it needs to be updated regularly to deal with everything that interferes in the functioning of the machinery.