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Learn Self Control for Self Development

What is Self Control
Self-Control simply means controlling oneself from behaving in a certain manner. Self-control is usually used as a verb, i.e., an action. Hence, it can be described as using restraint or holding back.

Importance of Self Control
If self-control is not utilized, there remains no difference between man and beast. When a lion goes in for a kill, he is either successful or unsuccessful. There is no consideration for the prey nor is there any remorse thereafter.

Building Self Control
Self-control is an attribute that is not in-built into human nature and has to be introduced and inculcated over a period of time. All the important ingredients required in building self-control are discussed in detail.

Types of Self Control
There are several types of self-control, which can be used in different circumstances. Every circumstance would necessitate a different form of self-control depending upon the dimensions of the situation.

How to Practice Self Control ?
Self-control is an intrinsic part of self-development and is internal to oneself. Practising self-control corresponds to a system of regularly exercising restraint in behaviour wherever needed.

Self Control in Personal Relationships
Personal relationships refer to the association between a person and his/her family members, friends, and acquaintances. Self-control manifests itself in several personal relationships.

Self Control with Kids
Rearing children is one of the toughest jobs in the world. A great amount of resilience and patience is required while tending to their needs, requirements and demands.

Self Control at Workplace
The work place comprises of a group of diverse people working together towards a common goal. Since there is a single common objective for these people, there must exist complete harmony in interpersonal relationships.

Self-Control and Negativism
It is often said, negative thoughts lead to negative actions, as the mind directs the body. It is, therefore, all-important, to seek control over such depressing thoughts and guide the grey cells to more productive and positive beliefs.

How to Develop Self-Control in Children
Self-control is an attribute that has to be taught to children, as it is not something that they learn on their own. Developing self-control amongst children undergoes various stages.

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