Creative Thinking and Self Development

Self development is the basis of all kinds of development when we talk about the development of a human being. Every kind of development taking place in a human being in rooted in the development of self. This includes developing, inheriting and polishing skills that are required for various activities that an individual is involved in during the course of a day. It boosts up the self esteem and makes one confident in handling vivid tasks.


Creative thinking in an important aspect as well and has a close relation with self development. A creative mind contributes tremendously to how a person develops and adapts. If a person is creative, he will have a keen interest and an open mind to understand and accept new ideas as well as put them to application. Such an individual will exhibit a quicker and an all round development.


To be a complete self developed person, it is important that you have a strong self esteem. Everyone today is in a quest of trying to be like someone or be at a level someone else is. But your esteem is being led no where in this process. Identify your uniqueness and treasure it. Create a unique identity for yourself. Work hard on your strengths to escalate your confidence in self. This helps you present yourself better before others as well as for self.


A great example to sight here is that of Hollywood actor Robin Williams. He is an actor of great caliber. He is well known for his work as a comedian and has also given various hit movies in this stream. But the actor has also excelled in dramatic films and was an equal hit there. He used his voice qualities for various animated movies. Robin Williams has developed himself as an all rounder in the field of acting. He took the opportunities that came his way and dealt with them in his own unique style be it on television, stage or cinema. He utilized his strengths and developed himself further to be a versatile artist.


Various political leaders are also interesting examples to study. They all come from different backgrounds. Some are social workers, some are civil officers, few of them were once a part of the army or some other simply belong to a family that has been involved in politics for generations. But the thing that keeps them going and provides them with the opportunity to be able to get elected for one term after the other is their uniqueness in approaching the citizens. It is how they use their minds to enter the hearts and minds of the public.


It is therefore correct to conclude that creativity and development of self are conjugated. One comes with the other. If you work on self development you use your creativity to excel further. If you use your creative thinking, you are able to develop different aspects of your personality. One should focus on sustaining his uniqueness and work with his innovativeness.

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