Creative Thinking Techniques

To enhance the creativity of an individual, numerous techniques can be applied that elevate their thinking skills. The crux of all the various techniques lies in continuously triggering the brain to think differently and innovatively.

If you are ever encountered with a problem, try to list down all possible solutions that you have come to know through your years of experience in this field. Remember that your experience can also at times limit you from novel approaches. Therefore, pen down what you have learnt from your experience and try to evaluate each of the options. Try to analyze their feasibility and find new approaches that can be much better solutions than ones tried earlier.

Write down whatever idea comes to your mind. It might be the stupidest of outcomes, but make sure to pen down whatever ideas click to you for any given situation. They will come in handy when the situation arises. The mind generates numerous ideas at a point of time and if not written they can fade away instantly in the quest of imagination and thinking. The brain is never at rest.

Brainstorming is an excellent technique to sharpen your creativity. In brainstorming, don’t limit yourself to one solution for the situation. Try to think as many options as possible. Take leads from what you have faced earlier or from the experiences of others. Rather than applying the identical solution, try to modify and alter the proposition depending on the requirement.

Group discussion is also a very productive technique. It motivates every individual in the group to tickle the brain cells to produce something new and unique. It not only helps an individual generate new ideas on the spot but also helps them in knowing and learning various creative thoughts that others have proposed. This is fruitful as no two minds think alike and one can learn from others for future application.

If you are working in a particular field say advertising and marketing, take a note of all creative ideas that you come across. Learn and understand how creatively the opponent is performing. Keeping that in mind, challenge the creativity with your own ideas. Try to come out with better and even more innovative solutions that will keep your business a step ahead.

While doing a task, try to challenge the method that you have been following for quite sometime. There may be certain flaws if the method is not producing the desired results or is taking much more time than specified. Take the initiative to solve the problem creatively. Try to find a shorter and simpler method of execution.

When you have a creative task at hand, keep your mind constantly open. Movie makers derive ideas from the things that they see happening around. They pick sections of the stories from what they have heard, seen or experienced. Similarly your active environment may be offering a lot of ideas to you. Always keep your minds open to grasp and implement these ideas in your project. Television, newspapers, magazines, people you meet daily, things you use daily can offer you leads in some form or the other. If you keep your mind active and open to register these ideas, they will not go unnoticed thereby simplifying your work considerably.

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