Creativity – A Ladder to Success

Creativity is a technique that enables you to be different from the rest. It is a capability that helps you to think differently and innovatively. This is a value that one needs the most to be able to stand apart in a competitive environment. Even if you are similar to your competitors, you have to find a creative way to distinguish yourself and your service from theirs.

Tomato ketchup brands such as Delmonte, Heinz, etc. offer the same thing, i.e., tomato ketchup. But they have both found out innovative means to be different from the other. Delmonte boasts of the most outstanding flavor while Heinz has an edge being able to provide a ketchup as close to natural tomatoes as possible. Which means here, in this case they have both established a unique brand identity for themselves.

Creativity is certainly an important entity of a successful person as well as a business. It is creativity that lies behind every successful business that has outdone all hurdles to stand where it presently is. It is undoubtedly creativity that led Warner Bros. Entertainment and Disney to embark such a glorious and victorious journey.

An inquisitive nature and to have a constant urge of betterment can sometimes lie at the base of a creative mind. If you are on a constant look out for answers and are always eager to find a better solution for any situation, your mind may never be at rest but this is how it begins to think innovatively. This is also how companies grow.

Imagine the automobile major Ford at the time it started and compare it to where it has reached today. The success story that the company has written dwells from the motivation to always give something better to the customers, to make their driving experience a whole lot better and enjoyable.

Nokia as a cell-phone manufacturer has always been sensitive to what the customers have always demanded. This sensitivity has been the key to their innovations whether it was to device a mobile phone as small as possible or to incorporate maximum features in a single phone.

An important thing to understand here is not to just go about innovating and creating just about anything. The basis is to have creative inputs in a direction that is legible, a step ahead in time but still not so out of league that the audiences find it difficult to relate with. The journey from a landline instrument to a mobile phone has been gradual with significant landmarks. Imagine if mobile came before the landline instrument, would it have been equally easy for the people to accept it and also for other companies to produce related accessories.

Success is something that all businesses work for. It is success that defines the vision and mission statements of various firms. The definition of success may be different for each of them but that is what lies at the bottom of every little bit they do. To be able to continuously innovate themselves depending upon the market requirements is a key essential. If you are unable to adapt, reform or modify yourself with time, success may seem something remote and you might end up stagnant and obsolete.

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