Enhancing Creative Thinking

Creativity as a quality exists in all living beings. Birds exhibit their creativity in the way they build nests, animals are creative in the way they hunt for food and plants are creative in finding new places to grow.


Creativity that human beings posses if far ahead of the creativity inherited by all other living species. The first imprints of this quality appear right from the time when we are young children. That is a time when we are completely unaware of the societal norms and methods. We try to find our own ways and techniques when we start to scribble on floor or walls without anyone having directed us to do that. We try to use household items as toys not restricting them to a particular purpose. But gradually as we grow, we are so taken aback by the rules, regulations and the pressures of meeting certain expectations that the creativity somehow is left way behind.

In a fast developing world if one wishes to carve a niche, conventional means and methods is not what will be required. In order to stay ahead and have a progressive life creativity will be required at every step.

To bring back the suppressed creativity in your life, it is a good idea to look for the creative skills that you will require to reach a particular goal. Say for e.g. you are an aspiring singer and wish to be selected for a music album, take time to understand what kind of singing will be required for the audition depending on the previous records.


Next important thing to enhance your creative thinking is to work consistently and with a passion in trying to think innovatively towards acquiring that skill. Do not follow anything blindly, keep your mind active in trying to find different ways. For the audition, don’t let yourself stay restricted to a particular style of singing. Add your creativity to it to bring that freshness and uniqueness in your performance.

Before implementing the new idea, make sure that it is error free and is the demand of the changing times. Remember, innovation without any logical application is as good as no creation at all.

Work closely with a mentor or a guide who can help you in channelizing your creative skills appropriately. You may be very creative but at times it is important to get a direction from an expert to move on a correct path.


Practice your creative skills regularly. If you are finding it hard to apply creativity in your regular thought process, practice it day in and day out. Challenge yourself to do things differently than how you have been doing them always. Try this will every little task you do in a day. Try it with cooking, in dressing up and other areas whichever provide a scope for the same.

Develop a keen edge to experiment. Don’t always stick to a safe side of doing things. Give different techniques a try. Being a little adventurous can be both fun as well as fruitful.

It is good to be a keen observer and learner. In a normal course of life, you are struck by ideas and innovations every now and then. Take time to observe them, evaluate them, discuss them, they can always be applied in different situations if dealt with creatively.

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