How to be Creative

Every individual would have read over a dozen books in their school days. Each book had been designed in a different manner depending upon which grade it was meant for. In junior years the books had a lot of pictures. As you went up on grades, books started to look more serious. They were serious in content, they were serious in design and the number of pages in a book make them appear all the more serious. Every single book had been specifically and carefully crafted to justify the subject and the year it was meant for. Creativity reflected in each page, how contents were divided, pictures and diagrams were given where ever needed.

Students were able to relate well with the books they received every year. They never felt too young or too old for the books they had to study. They always felt just right. Which means that the creative effort involved in creating that book was well thought of keeping in mind the readership of the book.

Creativity therefore, holds a significant position in every little thing that we do in our life whether it is very complex or extremely simple. How the knife has been made, how furniture is crafted, even a straight forward person uses a lot of creativity in a regular day without realizing it. But some crucial aspects where creativity is needed the most are often the one where most of us find our minds jammed without any ideas. It some how gets limited within a certain perimeter and is unable to think any further. Even purchasing grocery for your home can be a creative activity. Deciding what to buy and where to buy have creative aspects to it. You can buy everything from a single place or to have specialty products and also save money on some you can make an effort to purchase from different stores. But most of the times you end up taking the first option fearing the effort that will go in the latter.

To think differently and perform efficiently it is good to have a creative bent of mind. To get the creative side of your mind going simple tools and exercises can do the wonders.

Give your decision time and effort. Think rationale yet unique. Good ideas are not made overnight. They require effort, experimentation and patience. One may think of something new immediately but it is equally significant to understand the viability of idea and enroot it of any possible flaws or negative aspects.

One can also take leads from what other people have done earlier. However, one should be careful to retain the originality. An idea will be creative only if it is different from what had been done earlier.

Observe nature, stay updated with the latest happenings. To be able to innovate it is important to be know what is happening around. Limited information can also limit your capability to think. Being able to contribute new ideas will not only make life and work interesting but will also elevate your self esteem.