Importance of Creativity in Sports

Does it sound weird to find out that creativity has got something to do with sports? Isn’t sports something where you are simply following a set of rules, using your physical or mental capabilities to reach different scores and counting on your luck to declare you a winner? Well, that certainly is true. But have you ever thought where those interesting strokes came from in a cricket match, how could Garry Kasparov have so many wins and how he could have different sets of moves every time he played?


This is exactly what explains the phenomenon that has been an eminent part of various sports. This is called creativity. Each sports person in their own field displays certain sets of skills which define them and the game they play. It is all about using the senses and having a strong presence of mind. Monica Seles, Steffi Graf have both ruled the tennis court for years not just because they have a strong physique but also because they had sharp minds. They knew how to turn the opportunity towards themselves. It is creativity that has given the world of sports various champions.


Creativity has even a greater requirement in sports that involve team work. Sports such as football, basketball and cricket involve a large number of team players. The game is fast therefore all team members are required to be completely alert during the game. They have to be smart and creative every time they pass on the ball to another player being careful not to hand it over to the opponent. It is the creative mind of a captain in cricket that provides him with a judging power to understand which batsman or baller should go at what point in the game.


Innovativeness in team work has been the winning matra for many global teams. These teams have never failed as compared to teams where individual players always concentrated on creatively enhancing themselves and not the team as a whole. Therefore, while working on the creative aspects of a sport, it is important for a player to firstly know the sport inside out. The creativity has to be driven in a way that while it is within the boundaries of the rules it is still providing the players with an edge over each other.


It is interesting to understand how a sports person learns to be creative on the field when the pressure is continuously building up. They learn this through keen observations. They observe how different players perform in different situations. They are well guided by a coach who himself has been a part of the game for years together. They also learn from their own experiences. They learn how to play in a given situation, how to handle situations and how to look for alternatives when required. If you observe closely, the pattern to know and learning to be creative here is identical with being creative for any other field. The only thing that may differ is the source for inspirations.

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