What is Creative Thinking ?

Human mind has a complex working mechanism. The patterns of behavior and thinking vary from person to person. No two individuals can have identical ways of producing ideas and suggestions. This is an important characteristic that differentiates one human being from the other. It is the creativity of the human mind that produces new innovative ideas. Interestingly every human being is creative at some point of the day.

Creativity is an active part of various forms of art and science. Art involves putting forth an idea in the form of an art which can be painting, sculpture, food, etc. Science involves creative thinking to produce something new such as machinery for simplifying various tasks. The history has known various creative thinkers who have had their own contributions to make. Einstein, Edison, Shakespeare and DaVinci are a few to name who had their own significant contributions to the world of science and art.

Creative thinking interestingly dates back to times of evolution. When man had only arms and legs to use, he used his brains and learnt how to create weapons, how to light a fire and finally also invented a wheel. This entire creative effort was either a carefully thought one or was merely an accident. But eventuality led to a new creation that simplified numerous tasks. Hunting became easier, cooking came into being and made food more edible, transportation of products which was initially a tedious task was simplified many folds. Big lots of goods could be transferred from one place to another with much ease and in lesser time.

Creative thinking is often a result of problem solving. Creative thoughts come through rigorous brainstorming which is done to find a solution to a particular problem. The process involves revisiting and evaluating previous similar situations one has handled oneself or evaluating what they have learnt from the experiences of others. This means to remember the idea that was used then and trying to fit it into the current situation.

One can also creatively apply his learning to practice. An ordinary human being learns so many things in books. Creative thinking involves applying those in various situations while understanding the current requirement. It is a cognitive science that leads to the generation of a new idea. Creativity can also include combining the ideas of two or more individuals to suit the needs of the current situation.

Creativity is also finding new ways of doing things. This may result if you are not completely satisfied with the previous method. In such a situation, your mind will work to produce an alternative way. Take for e.g. electricity. It is such an inseparable part of today’s living. Before it was created, people across the globe used fire as a source of energy to light up their places. It was Benjamin Franklin and his curiosity to find a better source for lighting up the world that blessed the mankind with electricity. This creative thinking was followed by others and led to the invention of numerous things such as the lighting bulb by Thomas Edison and machinery and gadgets that used electricity as a source of fuel.

Creative thinkers in the felid of art have left us marvelous master pieces. Shakespeare has used his creativity to pen down various poetic dramas and sonnets. DaVinci has left us the famous Mona Lisa and other similar paintings that look divine in themselves.

Creative thinking is thus an exercise that every being applies in day to day life knowingly or unknowingly. The importance of creative thinking has been deeply recognized in an organization and its functioning. It is the creative thinkers of the organizations that produce new ideas which helps the company in rising and dwelling with a USP and thus avoiding ending up looking and performing similar to their competition.