Building Self Discipline

Self discipline is a lifelong commitment towards the ‘self’ for accomplishing success and enjoying happiness in life. Following below are a few tips to learn self discipline and implement the same in our lives.

  • Learning about the ‘self’

The first step towards building self discipline is to learn about the ‘self’. It means knowing every detail about the ‘self’; what we like to do and what we do not like, what are our strengths and what are the weaknesses, what motivates us and what are those influences which irritate us. Learning the ‘self’ also includes personal value system. We have to know our moral standards and principles and accordingly we have discipline and educate ourselves in order to cope up with the larger arena of life.

  • Growth is a daily activity

Growth is not a magic, thus it cannot be achieved immediately. The way a child requires time to walk and then run, we also need time to build the habit of self-discipline. We have to set our goals and need to progress towards it on a daily basis. Every day before going to bed we have to evaluate our improvement and this is the only way to ratify and monitor our growth. Perseverance is a great quality which along with determination paves the way for self discipline.

  • Today has no tomorrow

We have keep in mind that today never comes back and failure is the only reward of procrastination. Discipline requires continuity; if a student decides to study for 6 hours in a day, then it has to be 6 hours. If he studies for 5 hours and then things of adjusting the remaining hour with next day’s schedule that would not work! Such kind of habits creates unnecessary chaos and nothing else.

  • Set the goals

Human intellect is the best virtue of human life. It is a priceless asset which we can anticipate our future. Once we know our potentials very well, we can easily determine our destination which should necessarily be achievable.

  • Be your own mentor

A self disciplined person doesn’t wait for anybody to come and teach him the lesson of discipline. We have to motivate ourselves when it is required as well as have to be our true critic. We should be focused towards our goals and at the same time we need to scrutinize them regularly; this way we can monitor the pace of our growth.

  • Perform one activity daily

Doing something good for the self or for the society is also a part of developing self discipline. We may develop our self confidence by giving a free speech somewhere, we can perform different social activities like signing or dancing, and even if we help our young siblings in finishing their homework we actually make ways for us to become disciplined. Participation in different activities provides the energy to revitalize our thought process which is an essential tool for success.

  • Practice self control

Building self discipline means learning the art of self control. Self control means controlling our impulsive desires which creates a real distinction between our physical and moral life. Self control over thought, word and action is the only way to avoid degradation. Self control gives us the resistance power to say a big ‘no’ to all external temptations and we earn humanity in true sense.

  • Predict success

Our entire life is a constant strive for success and nothing can be more important than accomplishing the same. When our desires are proportionate to our capabilities then we can easily make strategies to discipline ourselves in order to achieve success in life.

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