Contribution of Self discipline in developing good habits

If we look into the famous Chinese proverb “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”, the single step refers here is the endeavor to make ourselves disciplined. Self discipline is the ability of training an individual’s mind to adhere to ones ideas, actions and commitments.  We human beings are blessed with boundless power and abundance of potentials; self discipline helps us to identify them and nurture them to attain greater success and higher contentment in life.

Mentioned below are a few traits through which we can develop righteousness in us.

Punctuality: Punctuality means being in-time; every job requires us to fulfill certain objectives within a stipulated time period. Irrespective of all we need to accomplish our target within the given time span. Punctuality is a great virtue and the first lesson of it we receive in our school and follow the same throughout our life.

Self discipline develops the habit of practice: Practice is the ability of rehearsing the same thing again and again or performing the same action time and again in order to master the art. Practice has no other alternative and there is no school which can teach us the methods of practicing practice. Self discipline is the only module which puts stress on practice with a motive to master the art of living.

Self discipline brings self respect: Self discipline creates self awareness; self awareness motivates self knowledge and self knowledge generates self respect. Self respect is a psychological attitude, an experience of being be worthy and feeling valuable as a human being. Self respect is the key to all other virtue s in life.

Helps in confidence building: Self discipline helps us to learn more about our potentials, our strengths, capabilities and unique talents. We discover ourselves, our attitude and priorities which in other words can be termed as self knowledge. Self knowledge brings self confidence which boosts our will power to achieve success in life.

Consistency: Consistency and perseverance is the secret of wining. We will never fail, if we do not quit. Self discipline teaches us the moral of ‘consistency’ which inspires us even in the darkest hours of life repeating the same “never, never and never give up”.

Ability to sacrifice and ability to work hard: Nobody can succeed without sacrificing his personal comfort and pleasure. One has to toil his brain to a great extent to finally achieve success in life. Therefore, sacrifice is an inherent quality of self discipline. Along with sacrifice, self discipline teaches us to put in sustained hard work. While working, we should not look for immediate gains, results will always follow after hard and sincere work.

Self discipline and a healthy lifestyle: Self discipline is also a key to live a disease free and happy life. A self disciplined person is able to resist his sudden instincts and maintains a regular lifestyle. Therefore, he hardly becomes the victim of any physical casualty.

Life is a long journey and it keeps on rolling against all trials and tribunals. However, what is more important in life is not the mere journey, but the quality of it. Self discipline is a wonderful virtue which adds all positive flavors in life to enjoy the essence of this journey.

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