Self discipline helps in building confidence

At present the term ‘confidence’ has become very colloquial. We watch the models walking on the ramp confidently, we find political leaders and business tycoons giving long public speeches, moreover the confidence of the news casters on the live TV screen and the reporters make us amazed.  But, when it comes on us to face a couple of people while giving a Power Point Presentation in the office we feel nervous.  This is nothing but the lack of self confidence which we suffer from.

We can speak about thousands of attributes which are essential for being successful but confidence is the only powerful force which one can build and develop to achieve guaranteed success and happiness in life. We might acquire other qualities like self respect, perseverance, morality, modesty or a good academic background but achieving success in today’s date is truly impossible if we lack in self confidence.

We learn the preliminary lessons of self confidence in the early days of our life. We obtain self confidence from the environment where we grow up; our schooling and our parent. But if a person has grown up in a non supportive background then he/she is suppose to be a victim of low self esteem. Low self esteem is a wicked force which cannot go alone without the acceptance and support of the people around.

Self discipline is also an acquired quality which is the root of confidence and success in life. Self discipline is the power house of all other virtues and can be gained at any stage of life through absolute perseverance and steadiness.  Self discipline allows us to have a clear understanding of what we are able to do and what all are beyond our reach. Self discipline helps us to know our inner qualities along with our flaws in character and in this process strengthens our abilities. Once we closely come to know our inner self we actually built up a strong personality. Personality is the sum total of our inner and outer qualities which is the secret of self confidence and personal success. Respecting the ‘self’ means ‘honoring the self’ considering all its abilities and inabilities. Self discipline makes us more deserving towards life and we learn to live in higher self esteem. Therefore, our self respect is one of the determinant factors of self confidence.

Attitude determines the way we behave and react to different situations. Attitude on the other hand decides whether we will receive mass acceptance or we will face public rejection. A positive attitude undoubtedly depends on the personal traits of an individual; and personal attributes are generally nurtured with self discipline which ultimately reflects in our character in the form of self confidence. Thus, self confidence is a reward of self discipline.

In our lifetime we get numerous opportunities to develop our self esteem and confidence. Along with this, our general faith and regard about ourselves has a lot of contribution in building our self confidence. Therefore, we need to constantly develop ourselves with self discipline so that our self confidence boosts with self knowledge and self acceptance.

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