Self discipline in children

A child is a feeble creature when he or she steps into the world. He needs assistance to feed his hunger, change his cloth and cannot bloom without the help of his parents. The general tendency is that the sooner he grows up he develops a habit of doing everything by his own.  This is the seedtime when we need to teach him the basic rules of obedience and conducts of life. We need to build up all necessary virtues in them along with giving them the lesson of self-discipline.

Discipline for children means teaching them the general methods of how to behave and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are different ways to make them disciplined. We can compel them to be disciplined but it often results in developing obstinacy in them. Anxiety or penalty is not the perfect practice to make them behave or live in an organized manner. Our role is not to make a child frightened or feel inferior rather we have to motivate them towards life. We need to instigate them to learn self control and self management the two principles of self discipline.

A child begins to act, build his character and experiment with his life at the age of 8-9. He feels the requirement of sharing his discoveries with his near one’s to get an approval or to modify his ideas. It is the time when children spontaneously form themselves into groups or teams. They find out new surroundings and try to discover and experiment themselves with these. This is a very crucial stage when we have to be cautious about the choices they make. We should not directly stop them from doing anything rather we can develop their mind and soul with all good virtues so that we can listen to each other and form mutual respect for each other. Respect for the ‘self’ is one of the basic criteria of self discipline.

Discipline means controlling all evil powers and releasing the good attributes to attain success in life. Self control can be achieved through self development; self development can be obtained through high moral standards. A child should learn the mantra of morality at the very beginning of life so that when he grows up he grows up with huge ethical values and principles. Self discipline is the most powerful force to achieve success in life. It enables children to have control over their thoughts, words, and actions. A self disciplined child is necessarily going to be a good human being as he keeps his values and standards high. He can easily differentiate between good and bad or dark and bright aspects of life and rejects all unwanted temptations of life. A disciplined child gives priority to his goals and objectives and thrives to achieve them by dint of complete focus and sheer hard work. Self discipline helps him to earn self awareness which is the single condition to remain optimistic at any unwanted situation of life.

Childhood is certainly the homework for an adult life. It is not a mere passage which a child needs to walk to reach up to his goal. Rather it’s a foundation for a successful life. Each stage of childhood undergoes some cultural associations and sentimental exchanges which every child has to accomplish teaming with self discipline and self control. Therefore, growth would continue throughout his life.

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