Self discipline means self control

Self control is the foundation on which a man’s character is built. A man who has no control on his impulses and excitements is surely going to hamper his moral freedom. Reckless attitude and unpredictable enthusiasm often carries away a man to make him the slave of his strongest desires for the time being. Self discipline is the only remedy to keep a man morally free to resist his instinctive impulses which otherwise is an exercise of controlling the self.

We admire people who reflect strong self image. We adore them who have achieved great success by dint of hard labor and will power. People who walk tall, speak straight and act right generally become role models for every human being. But if we take a dip into the matter we will realize that they hold the same intellect and will power as we do. The only difference lies into the manifestation of their talents. They employ self discipline as a powerful force in order to foster success faster than their fellow human beings.

Self discipline and determination are the two most important pillars of human life. These are considered to be the vital elements of success. Self discipline is the ability of training the mind about what is good and what is bad; thereby helping the mind to take right decisions. Self restraint means stopping one’s basic impulses for a personal or social cause. The practice of self control can be of diverse kinds, for example, quitting the habit of smoking, holding back pugnacious attitude, restraining an aggressive approach and so on. Whatever we practice to control our sudden impulses or instant gratification is known as self discipline.

Self discipline and self control are two integrated elements of self improvement. Self control develops discipline and authenticity and a self disciplined man receives appreciation wherever he goes and for whatever he does. Therefore, self control brings public acceptance which is a motivation for success and an essence to live a better life. However, self control entirely depends on the will power of an individual; whether he wants to handle a situation or wants to overpower it.

Self discipline not only means the ability to control our actions and behaviors, it also refers to our psychological and physical discipline. The purpose of self control is not to make us imprisoned; self discipline endorses the true understanding of the inner soul which generates the energy to hang until success is accomplished. Self control simply means rejecting all unnecessary confrontations, quitting harmful desires and avoiding meaningless temptations. Our internal strength grows with the constant practice of self discipline and self control and gradually we become better human beings.

Self control permits us to enjoy our moral freedom, helps us to become more than just ‘a human being’. In the Bible the strong man who ‘taketh a city’ got no acceptance in comparison to the stronger man who ‘ruleth his own spirit’.  Man’s brutal desires would disappear into insignificance as soon as he develops the sense of self discipline, self esteem and self control.

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