Activities to Improve Self Esteem

Self esteem, the self image of a person is an interesting thing to study. While it is difficult to push up the self esteem of a person, the techniques and activities involved and required for doing the same can be contrastingly simple. More interestingly, if you look back in time, they appear to be very similar to the childhood games everyone had played at some point in life.

Creative arts related activities are wondrous. They not only deal with the creative instincts of people, they also bring about a sense of achievement through the end results. For a group of eight to ten people, organize a small workshop to make the best out of waste. The objective here is to make the people understand their worth which they will realize once they have contributed something substantial and worth appreciation. At the end of the exercise rather than evaluating put forth positive feedbacks for each outcome. Involve each group member in discussion and encourage positively motivating responses from them on the products produced by others. This will interestingly not only work a great deal on the self esteem of the group members but will also inspire them to speak positively about others which is not always possible. This brings about a feel good factor about self.

A small group can also be given a unique problem and asked to discuss solutions to the problem. Once a person is able to make a productive input, he feels pleased with self which enhances his self worth.

A simple exercise which involves the person with low self esteem can encourage him to think positive things about self and good things that have occurred in his life in the past. This will help him take his mind off the bad things and motivate his to optimistically approach his life ahead.

At times companies incorporate simple techniques in their daily code of conduct. It is made sure to award a persons performance whether it be through monitory means or verbal. These are successful techniques which have been practiced for a long period. They help the employees in developing a good self worth.

If you have a friend who has a low self esteem, you have an enormous responsibility to shoulder. Friends are magical healers that humans possess. They are the ones who know more than your family knows about you. Such a friend is vital for a happy living. A good friend through his ways of conversations and constant appreciations can help one evolve from the boundaries of a poor self image. He can remind you of the good and positive things which can escalate the self esteem.

However, one should make sure that criticism can work adversely if not dealt with properly. Continued criticism can often cut down tremendously on one’s self esteem. Therefore, whenever offering any kind of critics, one should do it in a manner that does not harm the person intended to but should work as a guide for him to improvise and perform better and better.