Decision Making and Self Esteem

Decision making lies at the heart of any business. Even as our day progresses we make numerous decisions for tiniest of things- what to cook today, where to go in the evening, where to buy the days groceries from, so on and so forth. Sound decision making comes with experience. A human being tends to make mistakes once in a while in some of the early attempts. They learn from their mistakes and improvise their decisions in the future.

Besides a strong experience, sound decision making can take place only if the person has a sense of stability and belief in self. The person is able to trust himself and can stand by his decision. Which means a persons self worth or self esteem as it is popularly known, can play a pivotal role in the kind of decision he or she makes.

A person with a lower self esteem is often unable to decide on anything. He learns to trust and follow what others suggest or decide. His constant fear of failure renders him unable to rely on his own decision. He always appears confused and indecisive.

The roots of this aspect of self development lie in an individual’s upbringing. The amount of freedom of decision a child is allowed as he grows to be an adult is important. It is also important to respect what your child has to say and help him in taking the right decision rather than imposing your own decisions on the child. Such an approach can hamper the child’s self esteem for the rest of his life and he will not be able to take decisions on his own when they will be required the most.

There are other individuals who have a poor self esteem which may be due to continued failure or negative criticism that they had to face previously. Risk taking and cooperative learning are two tactics that can assist these people in improvising their self esteem in order to enable a better decision making ability.

If a person is motivated to take risk, he is motivated to move out of his comfort zone. This implies that he puts his capabilities to test. If the results are positive, the self worth of the person improves and enables him to trust himself and his abilities.

Decisions are not always easy to take. Some situations especially in emergency can require more serious decisions than in others. To be able to decide whether to opt for a surgery or not, whether to move to a new place or not are some life changing decisions. A person who has a strong self esteem will be able to decide appropriately and also take responsibility of his decisions. On the other hand, a person with lower self esteem will always be on the look out for an easier way. Due to his fears, he will try to run away from the situation rather than having the courage to face it.

It is important to understand that individuals have to be independent at different stages of life. It is not always possible to have someone to guide you further. A strong self esteem is a crucial aspect of happy living and needs to be worked on before it is too late.