Evaluating Your Self Esteem

How a person feels about self and portrays a self image is what defines his self esteem. Self esteem to a great extent defines how content you are with yourself and the level of happiness you witness in your life.

If a person has a low self esteem, it can be due to various reasons. Sometimes how you look, how you dress also play an important role. A person who is obese may have a poor self image as compared to people who have a moderate built. Social and financial status also to a large extent determine how a person feels about self. People with a strong financial background often have a higher self esteem.

Certain characteristics that define a persons self esteem are:

  • How he looks towards challenges
  • Does he or does he not have leadership qualities
  • Does he take responsibilities of his actions
  • How is he able to manage stress
  • A persons response in a social gathering
  • The way and extent to which a person is able to express his emotions

A person with a sound self esteem is always eager to take on new challenges and accepts failure as a lesson to improve in the next attempt. He exhibits great leadership qualities and also takes responsibilities of all his actions. He manages stress well and does not loose patience easily. He is always welcome in social gatherings and feels comfortable in meeting new people. If a person has a good self image, he does not feel uncomfortable in expressing his feelings and emotions and does not regret his actions. Most importantly, he is an influencer and does not get influenced by other people. He has his own point of view and stands by it.

A person with a low self esteem is completely in contrast with the person described above. He is not very optimistic and for most of the part gets influenced by what others say.

If you lie on this side of the scale, then it is an alarming situation and needs immediate attention. You should not feel that you are the only person witnessing the situation. There are others like you. Learn to think highly about yourself. Nothing is bad or worse. It is how you want to see the things. Think positively. Enjoy and appreciate the positive things in life. Learn to leave fear behind and do not run away from failures.

Take initiatives sometimes if not always. It is good to have begun something on your own rather than following what others tell or do. Learn to be confident about your decision. If you have decided something, have the courage to stand by it. There is no harm in experimenting but it is significant to give yourself an opportunity.

If your appearance is what is holding you back, remind yourself constantly that you look good. How you look is not as important as how you carry and present yourself. Looks are temporary and do not assure a success whereas performance and self belief do.