How is Self Esteem Related to Self Development ?

Self esteem is the worthiness that one feels for self. It plays a pivotal role in the way a human being grow up to be. A person with a sound self esteem always stands out and his every effort is visible to people around. A person with a low self esteem remains lost in the crowd. His efforts always go unnoticed which is again due to the introvert nature of the person who is not comfortable with any kind of special attention.

Self development is a progress plan. It is the responsibility of a human being to develop himself. It is one of the most desired efforts for a human being especially in a world full of competition. A person has to constantly work on polishing his skills in order to keep up with the growing competition.

If a person has a sound self esteem, he will not find his path towards self development difficult. The important factors that enable a person to reach his goals are no fear of failure and an eagerness to take up the challenge. A person with a higher self esteem will have both these qualities which will guide him towards success.

Individuals with low self esteem avoid competition. They prefer to stay in their own cone of comfort. They appear to be introverts and also avoid taking responsibilities for their own actions. This usually happens if in previous attempts the person has faced numerous failures or continued negative criticism. Both these contribute to a decline in the individual’s performance. Such an individual will always remain scared of such situations and avoid them as often as possible portraying a low self image.

Personal development is vital for a progressive career or a personal life. It requires a lot of constant effort, chances and risk at the end of the person who undertakes it. A person with low self esteem if guided properly can also take up this effort.

A constant reminder for self saying ‘yes, I can’ is very important. It encourages you to take up new tasks and learn to master them gradually. It helps you open up your mind in order to allow new thoughts and ideas to seep in bringing about a positive sense of change.

It is important to start from simpler tasks than to take up the most difficult right in the beginning. An even better way is to divide the task into smaller sub-tasks and try to accomplish one at a time, one after the other. Small achievements accompanied by appreciation from others and self serve two purposes together- one, it helps you to learn a new task and master it and second, it boost up self image which is beneficial for a happy living.

A mentor or a friend can also support in many ways. Depending on the areas you need to develop yourself, it is good to consult an appropriate mentor. A mentor can drive your strengths to help you achieve your targets. He can help you in following the correct path and more importantly help you avoid any kind of deviations.