Self-Esteem Building Actions For Kids

Kids are delicate and keep their parents on their toes. Bringing them up in a correct fashion is a major concern for most parents. They tend to spend harrowing time thinking about what to say, how to say and what effect it will have on the child. Children are very receptive to their surroundings and tend to pick up things readily.

One of the important tasks in the growing process of the child is his development. Parents play a major role in it as they try to teach them the value system and the ways to explore their potential. The parents have to maintain a balance between allowing them independence and limiting them in accordance with the characteristics features of the particular child. While, it may be difficult to find a single solution to this process, there are some methods in general which when implemented can help to build the self – esteem of the child.

  • Self – Affirmations: While it may seem ridiculous to many adults to stand in front of mirror and tell yourself great things about you, it is great fun for the children. The children are constantly under pressure to perform and deliver. While some can cope up, others may find it difficult to deal with it and lose their confidence in the process. Self doubting can be very dangerous for a kid. You can sit with them and talk about the various situations they are encountering in their daily life. Then work with them to make some positive statements that can help to overcome the situation that they are finding difficult to deal with. When the kid stands in front of the mirror and repeats these statements, he will gain confidence and courage to face the situation. The statements should be easy and short so that the child can remember them and repeat them without difficulty. Such sentences are best when the child creates them on their own. It can something as simple as “I can win the match” Or “I am strong”, etc.
  • Hobbies: Hobbies are effective means of developing self – esteem. You will have to find out the exact hobby that the child likes. When a child gets engaged in an activity that he likes doing, he actually makes it a point to give his best effort in it and consequently gains confidence. It can not only help him do something creative and out of the routine work but also helps him to explore his ideas and potentials. He learns to recognize his weaknesses, strengths, likes and dislikes. The parents should be open- minded and encouraging and should give the child permission to join summer classes, or art classes or even sports of their choice.
  • Positive Trait Game: It is a game which can not only help in boosting the self esteem of the child but also enhance his vocabulary. In this game, the child has to come up with words starting with a particular alphabet. With the process, the child comes to know of new words along with increasing his mental ability. As the child learns new things, his confidence grows.