Self Esteem in Growing Kids

Childhood is a very sensitive phase. A lot of what is sown at this stage decides the kind of person a child will grow out to be. Parents are sensitive about their child’s needs for a healthy self esteem. Schools also incorporate measures to ensure a positive development of a child’s self worth.

The ways of motivating the self esteem of a child are easy and simple and become more and more complex as the child grows to be an adult. Therefore, it is important to set the things in the right place right in the beginning rather than looking for solutions later.

It is important to praise the child every time he performs well. Appreciation helps the child is trusting himself which will help him in every stage of life when he will be required to take up new challenges.

Listening to your child and respecting their thoughts is also crucial. Patiently listening to your child can help him in developing good communication skills so the child will not have fears of speaking in a social gathering.

Criticism is important to help discipline your child to let him know what is right and what is wrong. But an even important thing is to understand the right way of delivering this criticism. Rough and negative criticism can ruin a child’s personality development. A better approach is to always explain things to the child than to force him to believe in them.

Parents are the closest to their child. Nobody knows their child better than them. Parents should put in efforts to understand what their child wants, what are his likes and dislikes. In important decisions such as career choices, the interest and capabilities of the child should be kept in mind. Imposing your own choices on them can have a severely negative effect on the child’s self esteem. If the child is forced to take up a profession he does not like or does not have the skills to fit into the job, continued failures will lead to the development of a poor self image. The child would continue to believe that he is good for nothing.

It is also a good suggestion to involve the child in simple household chores. If the child is able to do things that he has always seen his parent doing, he feels happy and worthy.

The most important thing that should be kept in mind while doing all the above it to make the child feel important. Parents have the maximum impact on the development of a child’s personality. If they make the child realize how important he is, the child will grown up to have a strong self esteem. Little praises here and there and appreciation before others in family and social circle can also work wonders. It is always idle to motivate the child and help him develop his capabilities to the best. It is also a good exercise to involve the child in fun filled activities as it helps him know that life is not all about work but play as well.