Self Esteem to Build Confidence

While self esteem describes a persons self worth and how well he will respond to a particular problem or situation, it is completely different from self confidence. A person having a high self confidence may not necessarily have a high self esteem. Self confidence is likely to grow with appreciation and success in activities and skills with frequent practicing. Self esteem on the other hand is greatly determined by how the persons worth is ranked socially. A dancer enjoys his profession and is confident in every performance he gives, it is not necessary that he also possesses a high self esteem considering he may not be appreciated or supported by his family for his efforts.

These two concepts, though different can still be closely related. A person with a high self esteem will have a positive approach towards taking up new things and thereby build up confidence gradually.

To help one’s self confidence grow, it is crucial for the person to take up every job with a positive attitude. Remembering to repeat ‘I can do it’ in the mind can help one have a breakthrough to every new activity coming their way. Despite initial failures and mistakes, practice can help one master in a job which will eventually boost up one’s self confidence. If this repeated success and self confidence is appreciated by all in the work place, in your social circle and family the self esteem will witness a concurrent rise.

The human nature is complex yet interesting and for a positive self development it is important that a person should not develop an inferiority complex. The person should work on his core inner strengths. It is important that one should believe in self. This means that one should believe in his potential to accomplish a goal. One should also believe in himself for the task he has taken up. One should not allow others to rule what he should be doing. It should be ones own decision which will help the person develop a good self worth.

Fear and anxiety naturally arise when a person is asked to face a situation or a problem that he has been trying to avoid for a long time. If a person is determined to develop his self esteem and self confidence it is important to put all fears behind and work forward with complete dedication.

Successful people are those who are able to manage a sound balance and level of self esteem as well as self confidence. Their self confidence is what enables them to attain their goals one after the other exhibiting a consistently improvising performance while their self image provides them with the desired motivation for the continued effort. They are both intrinsic qualities of a human personality and need to be wisely dealt with. They are both crucial for a person’s growth as a professional and a social being. They are both diverse concepts but can be closely related in different situations. Therefore, an individuals constant effort should be to thrive towards achieving an appropriate level of self confidence as well as self esteem.