Your Weight and Self Esteem

We are all currently inhabiting a health conscious world. A lot is being said about the importance of keeping a check on our weight and body shape. The market has been flooded with numerous projects that boast about cutting down on your calorie intake or help you in burning the accumulated calories. Health industry is promoting a huge variety of work out techniques from cardio to yoga to aerobics and so on providing a leverage to choose the form we wish to for ourselves.

Despite the current surge in the health business and how people have suddenly realized the value of monitoring their health, very few out of the huge population are actually taking serious action in this direction. Many start a very determined effort in loosing weight but are not equally determined to keep it going.

There is another set of people who think they are too busy to find and devote time in this direction and usually tend to avoid any extra effort for the same. They condition themselves to be happy with the way they are. When they meet people who are physically fit, they tend to feel bad for themselves but eventually convince themselves with a continual reminder saying that they are better than others.

Such people lack determination. This lack of determination is also reflected in other tasks. Studies have shown that such people tend to avoid any difficult task that comes their way. They always look for an easy way out. As a result, they are not as successful as others are. This leads to a decline in their self esteem over the years as he starts to feel that he is good for nothing.

Therefore, we can say that a persons self esteem, that is, his self image has a close relationship with his body image or his body weight. A small effort in this direction can work wonders for a successful life.

You are a little high on the weight scale and somewhere in your conscience you do realize that you have to do something serious about this. Despite your continual reminders to self, you have not been able to take a serious action in this direction. It is high time for you to take a step further before it is too late and you end up harming your self esteem.

Start with small things and try to make it your habit. You can start by limiting the number of times you take sugar in a day. If a sudden step seems difficult, start brisk walks for fifteen minutes every day. Carry your music player along. You will soon start enjoying this break that you get during the day. You can gradually increase your timing and intensity of work out.

If you build up this target in your mind and are able to achieve it with your determination, you will find that soon you will not run away from difficult jobs. As you will start taking up new tasks and targets, success will automatically come your way. Weight loss will also leave you will a higher level of energy to burn which will increase your productivity. Success and appreciation will boost your much required self esteem and keep you going on your mission towards success.