Achieve your goals by influencing people

People tend to measure success in terms of goals. Goals are targets that you set for yourself to achieve. While you can achieve some of these goals all by yourself through sincere efforts, you will find many goals for which you need help of others. Those others can be anyone. It may be a family member, a colleague, a competitor, a mentor or any other person whom you meet once in a while.

You work with these people at different stages of your life. The success of achieving your goals will depend on how effectively you can communicate with these people. Whenever you talk to them or work with them you will have a chance to influence them. And your secret ingredient will be to influence them in way that they can help you achieve your goals.

People should feel happy to talk to you and work with you. So at the beginning, you can start the process with yourself. Here is some food for thoughts while your preparation.

  • Adjustment: You should learn to adjust with people at various situations. Every person is different and has a different thought process which affects their behavior and work. You have to understand the comfort zone of the person. You have to begin with a positive mindset and be proactive. If you do not like something, do not complain. Rather try to help out in your way. Your cooperation will get noticed and will be well appreciated. In turn they will cooperate with you in achieving your goals.
  • Credibility: You can influence someone only if they perceive you well. It will depend on your credibility and sense of responsibility. Every act of yours reflects you, so do not act in a fashion that will not go down well with people around you. This may hamper your image because people are sensitive fellow beings. Hurting someone’s feelings will never give a chance to be closer to them.
  • Appearance: It is said that first impressions are the last impressions. People tend to make up their mind whether to get associated with someone after a single look at that person. If someone looks at you and they do not like you the way you are, you may not get an opportunity to work with them. Since a judgment of may be forty seconds can help you influence others, take care of your appearance. Your clothes, dressing sense, grooming, and even the accessories you use should ideally reflect you at all times.
  • Behavior: When you meet a person, how you converse and interact with that person plays an important role. The conversational and communicating skills can change situations for you. Identify the thinking pattern of the person. Make your points clear firmly but without hurting the other person’s sentiments. Try to emotionally connect with the person. While listening is a part of the communication, it stands out because of its importance. When you are talking to someone, give importance to him. Do not go about hearing the words, learn to listen empathetically.