Communicate Effectively with better Influencing Skills

Influencing skills have no significance unless supported by accomplished communicating skills. Both go hand in hand. The ability to influence someone varies from person to person and entirely depends on the capacity of that person.

It is all about how well you understand yourself and how you can impact others in changing their perceptions. Though it is an understated characteristic of a person, it is very significant in controlling situations. The skill can be best utilized when you understand the manner in which it works.

  1. Understand yourself: You will have to understand yourself clearly and also learn your strengths and weaknesses. It will help you to know your thought process and convictions in a better way. It will further enhance your ability to speak more confidently and create an impression over the other person in a positive manner.
  2. Understand others: Understanding others is a key to better communication. You will have to understand the views and concepts that others present and how it differs from yours. An open mind is essential because you will have to accept the views different from yours with equal significance. It will help you to know the reasons and causes of their logic better. It is important to observe the other person carefully as it will help to recognize their strengths, weaknesses, motivational aspects and unique traits.
  3. Listening: It is the most important part of the communication. You will have to develop the skill of effective listening. It refers to attentive and real listening that can help you to empathize with the people and not just hearing the other’s words. It is better to put yourself in the position of the listener and stay alert while listening to them. You can then understand the rationale behind their words better. When you talk to the other person, you should be able to connect with his thought process and create impression subtly in their subconscious mind without evoking any resistance.
  4. Feedback: Feedback is the final step in the process of communication. The feedback you receive will determine the effectiveness of your charm. While understanding others is important, it is also important to create a comfort zone so that the person you are talking to can open up. You can cite examples and positive effects of things with which the other people can relate. It touches the emotional aspects of the person and helps to create an unending rapport.
  5. Attitude: Attitudes have immense effect on influencing people. The manner you present yourself, your views, your behavior and appearance contributes to expressing your attitude. It goes a long way in building relationships be it personal or business. The perception of the other person about you is the first point of your access. Therefore, be humble, simple and accommodating. Helping others can also project your attitude towards the person. Therefore, if you find the other person in some problem and you have the ability to overcome the situation, take a stride forward and help out in your own way. Every help in crisis is always remembered and appreciated.