How to Influence People for your benefit

You come across different people on a daily basis. Some are happy with their situations and some are not. It is not easy for them to cope up. It may be because they refuse to think. They are stubborn and annoying and complain all the time. If you have to work with any of them, you will find it very difficult. However, you can influence them to change and the whole procedure can actually work in your benefit.

Influencing a person is supposed to lead to a change in the behavior and thought process of the person. It is definitely not easy to change a mindset, but it not impossible also. A little persuasion can go all the way.

The main problem that leads to such irritating behavior is that they are not open-minded. They are not ready to come out of their shell to accept that there exists another world. It is more like ‘Talking to the hand’ attitude. They blame others for all the problems they face and do not even try to understand the reasons behind their problem. The worse case is if you tell them they are wrong or try to place some new idea or suggestion, they just dig their heels deep into the ground and refuse to budge. Rather you will find them arguing and complaining with greater convictions.

If such a person is a family member or a close friend, and then the scenario turns to frustration and it starts to hurt. You cannot ignore them because you love them, care for them and yet cannot agree with them and their ways. However, there are few things you can do improve to the situation. You can try to influence the person for your own benefit.

  • Underlying reason: You can try to understand the reason behind such cause of behavior. It can be anything from feeling insecure, any particular experience to illness. Every aspect of behavior has a root that has to be identified. To influence a person, it is important that you understand the way the person thinks as it gets reflected through their behavior. The reason may not be a rational one but will be a valid reason for that person.
  • New ways: Human beings are constantly growing, developing, exploring new opportunities and learning. In simple words, you move on. The difference between the negative persons and you is that these people are caught up in this process of growth and are stuck. They are unable to come out of their closed box. Try to push them out by suggesting new avenues. In the meantime, do not forget yourself. Appreciate yourself for being strong enough to try such an act. Trying to influence people is not for weak minded. What ultimately works is the positive mindset.

If you have tried unending times to bring in the change in the people. If it has made no impact, it implies that the person with the negative attitude is too stubborn. You cannot change anyone unless they are willing to make the effort. Give yourself credit and feel good because you have tried.