Influencing People Create a Winning Personal Image with Effective Influencing Skills

What does the word ‘influence’ mean? It means doing something under the effect or persuasion of another person. Influence can be classified into both positive and negative categories. Positive influence is something which every individual hopes to find from another person. Negative influence on the other hand, can result in a loss of identity and originality. It is always necessary to be under a positive influence as unethical persuasion can result in harmful consequences for an individual.


Influence is something which we are everyday subjected to. They are not very apparent and so we do not realize if the influence is healthy. Consider a sales person who has come to your doorstep to sell you a product. At first, you will not want to buy it but somehow later you might end up buying the very same thing from the person. Whether you notice or not, you have been influenced in some way or the other. You had a different perspective in the beginning but somehow you got manipulated. This is exactly what influence is. In a way this is a positive influence for the salesperson because he gets to boast about his sale to his supervisor!


We must always aim for positive influence. Positive influence can always be extracted from a person who is respected and at the same time is liked by one and all. People like them should be examples for many people who want to follow their footsteps. They should be the leaders and it is their responsibility to lead by example. If they do something wrong, the repercussions are noticed in the people who follow their lead and in the people who even might go to the extent of idolizing them. However, people should not follow them blindly. They should mould their image in such a way that they give inspiration to the people who follow them but at the same time ask them to maintain their own identities. This is what a Winning Personal Image is, an image which people can trust and rely on. This image should aim at influencing people in a positive way. It is an image which people use as an example to improve their own lives. Should the image be corrupted in some way, the people following the image will be negatively influenced and proper care should be taken to see that it does not happen. It is not just enough that the image be well educated and full of proper logic, but it is also equally important that the image be loved by one and all. Such personal images are idolized by all age groups. Teenagers follow a certain type of image while older people follow a different type. Care should be taken to see that this image does not get tarnished in any way because this image will be an example for the generations to come.


Thus, creating a winning personal image can aim at influencing people in a positive way. This image is a trademark for the individual who carries it and thus, protecting this image is very important.

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